ZugaEx, Official SamZuga Exchange Now Completed, Ready For Launch

ZugaEx, the official Samzuga Spot Exchange, the multi Million Dollars digital transactions platform that can bring about the African Financial Revolution has been completed and is waiting for the official launch.

Samzuga Exchange is believed to have the same functionalities as Binance and any other exchange but has unique and more advanced features.

Samzuga Exchange (ZugaEx) Can Transform Africa

Bishop Sam Zuga while making the announcement public stated that this technology can transform Africa and therefore encouraged Africans to embrace this innovation.

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“Samzuga Exchange, alone can transform Africa Financially if properly harnessed by the people and Governments in Africa. It is high time. Africans should wake up and take their present and future into their hands through the instrumentality of technology.”

“We are fully equipped by the grace of God to pilot the flight of digital economy in Africa. Details of the launching would be published in due course.”

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         Trading Pairs Currently Available

ZugaEx, Official SamZuga Exchange Now Completed, Ready For Launch 2

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Why We Stopped Advertising Zugacoin Online

1. We have International, local, and Community based businesses. ZUGACOIN is a community-based digital currency that can be used locally and Internationally. It is a deliberate act for not advertising ZUGACOIN on global platforms because, doing that, my targeted audience will not benefit and my aim will not be achieved.

2. ZUGACOIN is aimed at impacting the less privileged, the unlearned, and the grassroots which has been my constituency all my life. But the nature of Cryptocurrency doesn’t include such people, it is for the literate, computer literate, and city-based class.

But these villagers and local people are the people that are my concern, they need financial freedom as well, but where can they get light, network, and other Cryptocurrencies compatible gadgets? That is why I prefer one on one orientation. This method is working and villagers are also understanding and benefiting from this new norm.

3. ZUGACOIN is only a 1,000,000 maximum supply. Nigerians that are my major target are over 200 Million and I am expecting only 1% of this population. It, therefore, means that I can hit my target but many people will not be aware. That means, even the Nigeria market alone is bigger than ZUGACOIN. So, why should I be bothering myself to advertise globally when I am not through locally?

4. The reason for creating ZUGACOIN was for holders to enrich their immediate Communities, that is why you need physical contact. Ensure that everyone around you have a fraction of ZUGACOIN in their wallet. This is a very simple and gentle way of sending poverty away from our villages.

5. The reason why unemployment is increasing is because, people value money above humans. They are replacing machines and robots to do the jobs of humans. I have the vision of alleviating unemployment, I have to take a deliberate decision to create jobs, if I want everything to be online, I will not engage many people.

That is why from the beginning, I told my listeners that, this project shall be 20% online and 80% offline so that we can create employment opportunities.

How To Buy Zugacoin

To buy Zugacoin, contact Royal Exchange on WhatsApp at this number +2348104441251.

How To Trade Zugacoin

There is currently a training class going on for Zugacoin. In this training class, you will learn all the practical steps on how you can trade Zugacoin, SZCB on any exchange of your choice and earn profits. The knowledge you’ll get from this class can also be used in trading any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

Simply click on ZUGACOIN TRAINING, follow the instructions, and make a one-time payment. Once successful, you will automatically be added to the platform.

If you encounter any challenges, contact us on WhatsApp +2348104441251


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