“This one looks over used” Fans blast Iyabo Ojo After Sharing Her Duaghter’s Photos.

Fashion, they say, is all about the comfort it can bring. But looking at the world of celebrities, its quite different, as no one is after the comfort but the clout it can bring.

In the world of celebrities, fans are always prone to copy their styles, but these celebrities kids always come in different and exceptional, as they are more after the clout than their parents.

Iyabo Ojo, who is one of Nigerian leading actresses, is known for celebrating and showcasing her kids on all social media platforms. Recently, she put out photos of her daughter Priscilla Ojo, where the caption read “her bride price don increase oh”.

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Fans Blast Iyabo Ojo

Fans went on to blast her and her daughter over the revealing outfit Priscilla Ojo was rocking.

This was what was posted with the caption:

After it was posted, Instagram went bizarre after noticing the outfit Priscilla Ojo was putting on. Most fans, especially the males, were not having it , as they blasted mother and duaghter over the constant flimsy outfits on social media.

These are few of the numerous comments that flooded the post:

No doubts, that celebrities kids want to come out big as their parents, so they put out anything just for clout chasing, at the same time glorifying indecency, at a tender teen age.

Talking about the likes of Mercy Aibge and Daughter, Regina Daniels, Etc


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