The Quantum Financial System, Less Powerful Than Inksnation Policy

  • Quantum Financial System, QFS provides more insight into what Inksnaiton is all about

The current world financial system is based on the principle in which money is backed by debt which has already been taken from one through high-interest rates. This led to the evolution of financial systems in which money is not controlled by banks or any central bank.

Stephen Weisner gave birth to the idea of quantum money in the late 1960s.

The quantum financial system is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate the cabal and banksters’ monopoly on the monetary system.

The quantum financial system (QFS) is stored and operated on the satellite-based server which is in turn based on quantum computing.

The reason is that quantum computing is more secure and advanced.

Quantum computing uses qubits.

Qubits are particles which can be superposed (two or more quantum states added together to create another state). Quantum computing stores far more information requiring less energy and deliver more speed than current state computers.

This technology enables banks and businesses to be able to send unhackable data over a quantum network through the use of QUANTUM KEY DISTRIBUTION (QKD).

QKD means that encrypted messages and its keys are sent separately. One’s QFS account can only be assessed using one’s DNA. The QFS reads people’s minds and knows their location at all times through frequency waves.

QFS will replace the US Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) with a global decentralized controlled CIPS (Cross-Border Interstate Payment System).

QFS will enable indebted countries to reimburse their debts by exporting their natural minerals and resources thereby getting their currencies revalued. QFS will convert all fiat currency into gold-backed assets.

No fiat currency is legal in QFS as it cannot be designated as pristine, clear, non-terroristic or originating from legal activities. All fiat currencies in possession at the time of QFS implementation and deemed legal will be exchanged for gold-backed currency.

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All central bank activities will cease if their old fiat money is not reconciled into the new QFS system. QFS will protect all parties from corruption, usury (lending of money at exorbitant interest rates) and manipulation within the banking system.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will control the transfers and independently be allowed to control the global financial network which is CIPS (Cross-Border Interstate Payment System).


  1. Both QFS and INKSNATION are not controlled by Government policies.
  2. Both are looking to create a digital currency that is not tied to any domestic economy using the 100% Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLT).
  3. Both deal with Blockchain, DLT, Shared Ledgers, Digital Currencies, Virtual currency, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  4. Both QFS and INKSNATION aim at fixing a tamper-proof, unclonable, unreproducible, ledger of transaction that can be trusted.
  5. Both aim at a global currency reset (GCR) where all countries will have equal value and countries with weak or devalued currencies will be revalued and made strong.
  6. Both systems are looking to create a cashless economy (digitalization).
  7. Both are looking to annihilate every trace of crime, bribery, corruption etc by abating poverty which gives birth to all these societal ills.
  8. Both will not be based on fiat currency (mere paper money) which has no evidentiary value.


  1. In the quantum financial system, one gets compensated for holding currencies while in InksNation, one gets compensated for being a human being borne into this wonderful world.
  2. In QFS, it’s the amount of currency one has in the bank that will be converted to Gold-Backed currency, while in InksNation, people who have no money in the bank (The plebs of the society) will get rich and live decent lives for just being a living node on the system.
  3. The quantum financial system will be backed by tangible assets such as Gold, Platinum, and oil; while InksNation is backed by human assets.
  4. QFS is looking to re-launch the Gold Standard lost during French Revolution by backing currencies with Gold asset; while INKSNATION is not trying to resurrect any system, it is rather looking to resurrect and promote love, unity, oneness, peace, and equitable distribution of wealth through its PROOF OF LOVE (POL) and CMA (Collective Mass Agreement) system.
  5. Quantum financial system assets which is Gold, Platinum, Silver, and oil cannot be trusted.

This is because these mineral resources if depended too much upon, might finish.

While InksNation asset which is humans proliferate every day. Humans can’t finish like minerals resources on earth, they are rather multiplying.

The InksNation system will take care of countries with large populations when they are converted into living nodes.

Large population actually equals large Collective Mass Agreement in InksNation and that in turn equals Abundant Pinkoin (InksNation native currency) that will pay every single member of the system.

inksnation inks market

                                    quantum financial system vs Inksnation cashless market


In my opinion, InksNation is 100% BETTER.

This is because, with the rate of population growth and the impending financial doom (loss of jobs), humans are supposed to be paid for being humans which is the primary aim of InksNation.

IBsmartify Nigeria which invented the world’s first philanthropic Blockchain (InksLedger) and the world’s first charitable trust DAO (INKSNATION) and the world’s first digital debit card (PinKard) could end poverty in any country in less than nine months.

InksNation monetary system will compensate humans for the looming loss of jobs by paying every living node UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income) according to the package purchased.

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InksNation develops humans as assets so that the artificial Intelligence which is predicted to take over people’s jobs in less than a decade will become our labour force and servants; while we humans live like kings and queens which God has programmed us to be.

InksNation abundance monetary system gives every living node a legacy i.e people’s offsprings and unborn generations will have a chance to inherit usernames and passwords instead of inheriting debts and poverty from their parents.

The InksNation abundance monetary system has massively secured people’s future by also creating employment opportunities i.e everyone has a chance to become rich by being EXCHANGERS, MERCHANTS, STATE COORDINATORS, NATIONAL DIRECTORS etc.

People also get to earn some decent commissions by doing the charity of referring people to InksNation i.e spreading the good news and goodness of InksNation.

Since quantum computing is a million times faster than current computers, Blockchain technologies might mature to be quantum-resistant or incorporate quantum algorithms into their problems.

With the points listed above, I can proudly say that the InksNation Abundance Monetary policy is the creme-de-la-creme of blockchain technologies and far better than the quantum financial system (QFS).


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