The good doctor is the sex story of a young lady called Chaliya who had one-off sex with a young man and later met him as her gynecologist.

My name is Chaliya, I realized I am a beautiful girl when I noticed the lustful attention people gave me at an early age. It got even crazier when I reached puberty and had become very curvy with a big and thick rounded pair of breasts, finger fitting sizable nipples, enormous hips and buttocks that wiggled generously whenever I’m on the move. I hated and still hate to wear panties; in fact, I wasn’t a lover of undies including a bra.

So most times I walked out without them, and you could see my huge nipples struggling to get out of my body hug tops. And without the pants too, you could even hear my ass flap sideways with a sort of elephantic rhythmic moves. Those naughty boys on my street will never stop chanting “seventeen, eighteen, nineteen twenty” when I walked. Initially, I was shy but I started enjoying the attention and made sure I went out every day without pants and bra.

One sunny Sunday, my friends Tope, Ibiba, Lemchi, and Zainab invited me for swimming. It was a beautiful Hotel somewhere in Port Harcourt Old GRA, a stone throw from my residence. It was my first time, so even though I was curious to get in the pool and have fun like my friends that have already dived into the water, I needed someone to boost my morale and probably guide me.

Suddenly, I heard Tope calling a guy; “Elvis, Elvis” when I looked I saw the person she was calling; quite a handsome guy with charming smiles. She wanted him to give them a snapshot with his iPhone which had a better camera delivery. I helped to call his attention but soon noticed that he was looking at my breasts. Yes, I had dressed up for swimming with bra and pant type of bikini.

You can imagine the massive display of my entire endowments; cleavages almost popping out and my pant struggling to contain my huge buttocks. Again, he lusted, he couldn’t get his eyes off me. And I noticed his fix on my nipples.

After snapping my friends, Elvis walked to the Bar side and later came out with a bottle of wine, water, and malt. He walked straight to my table and said “Hello, I’m Elvis” and I responded with a pretense of hesitation, yet dying inside to know this cute and huge guy.

Elvis had a beautiful mustache, stunning physique, handsome face and nice diction. But all of those didn’t make the impact; I’m sorry, his dick did. I couldn’t take my eyes off his crotch. Looked like it wanted to get out of his swimming pant to meet my breasts which were almost out. I was very curious to know what was behind the pant, I wanted to measure it. I had a boyfriend by the name Segun; known popularly as Shegeh from my year one to year two at the University of Port Harcourt. I thought he had the biggest penis in the world but Elvis promised to be better. But how can I confirm, I thought while I managed to sip his wine.

After some time, he offered to take me to the pool. Well, I followed him and we entered the very cold harmattan water. When I shivered, he held me. I had a target; to measure, size, or weigh his dick. Even if it’s just a touch. So, I let loose, allowing him to take the entire lead while I did my make-believe swimming.

Elvis was all over my breasts; I liked it but was frustrated I was yet to have a feel of his hammer. I didn’t want to create the impression that I was loosed or needed him badly. I want to touch this dick; I really wanted to. Suddenly, this wizard of a boy, after fondling my breasts and ‘mistakenly’ dipping his fingers in my pussy while he carried me with the pretense that he was teaching me how to swim, asked me with a mischievous voice that came with such a charming smile, “Chaliya, would you like to feel my penis?” And like a reflex, my answer came even before he dropped the last speech “yes” but immediately realized myself and retorted “No”.

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Before I could finish, he brought out his entire nationhood, held my hand under the water and dropped everything on my palm. It was mad. I couldn’t believe it; I literally trembled but felt satisfied because my aim was met. Oh my God, it was massive; what a gifted child. This guy’s name should be Dickson or Dickinson. Whaaaaat……. I needed more.

This has to be felt inside, I thought. We left the pool and back to our table. My friends were still in the water having fun. Elvis insisted I join him to have the wine. Okay, I obliged. I had two glasses and purposely exceeded my limit to feel freer. Next, he asked if I could walk him to the male dressing room to get something. Sheepishly, I followed.

On getting to the room, he rushed me with a kiss on the forehead; later on the cheek and ended on my lips. He kissed me hard and I could feel myself dripping under; oh! I became abundantly wet. My heart was beating uncontrollably; my lips were stuck on his yet my mind was in his pant. I reached out for his hammer and without delay, I went down, straight for a bite.

I wish I could pull it off and just eat it, but I won’t find it again if I did. So, I maintained the job; I blew and sucked but it wasn’t enough. My middle was suffering and needed consolation. With a kick, I jammed the door and never cared if anyone even walked in.

On my kneel, I went down, and like my father’s Billy, I became the most submissive girl. Elvis came from behind and lashed me with the highest koboko. He started fucking me long before he penetrated. So, we didn’t need to spend forever in this adventure. My whole body was vibrating while he went back and forth; thrusting his huge rod in out of my wet and dripping pussy. Oh my God, this guy is killing me; I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m cooooooooooming.


Now, I felt so sleepy. I want to go home. My senses were back; thank God no one caught us. Elvis walked me home and bade me goodbye. I slept all through and didn’t have time to look at my phone. The next day, I saw his calls and decided to call my fuckfriend, Elvis. When I did, his line didn’t go through. Later, my friend Tope told me that he had traveled to India to further his medical studies; that the previous day’s outing was a covert celebration of his move abroad. And so, I said, okay, it was just a fling; I enjoyed it anyway, and I’m happy I served my curiosity.

A year and six months have gone and I learned that Elvis had moved to Canada to finalize his training. By this time, I’ve gotten married to one Kunle from Lagos State. Kunle worked as a Mariner; a very wealthy and loving guy who was never at home though. I loved him; I had everything I needed except him. He came back every three months and spent one week before leaving.

Sometimes, he doesn’t come back at all and stays more than six months before I see him. During one of this one week break, I felt pains in my lower abdomen and was taken by him to a specialist clinic in Lagos State. After a long wait, we met a female doctor who checked me and recommended two types of tests to be conducted for me. I was asked to wait for 1hr for my tests. My husband had an appointment pending, so, he asked if I could stay on my own. I understand the nature of his job and engagements, so I let him go and waited for the results.

Chaliya Meets The Good Doctor

After a while, I was called to the office where the doctor explained my condition. The most important part of her explanation was that it wasn’t a serious issue. But she insisted I wait, that it may still require a 24hr observation; meaning that I had to be admitted. She also said that another doctor, a gynecologist will be in charge of observing me. I agreed and was taken to a private ward as I requested.

Minutes later, the Gynecologist walked in. And when I looked, it was none other but Elvis my fuckfriend. I couldn’t believe my eyes; all pains disappeared instantly and again, I resumed my drooling look at his penis region. I was wondering if it was still the same. I needed to check again. Before I could say jack, the naughty boy was all over me with kisses. I let him have his fill hoping he doesn’t get caught by my husband. Then he saw my ring and was shocked; “I’m so sorry” he muttered. “Nah, don’t worry, I replied”. We did some catching up on things before he got into the main business of treating me.

He pulled my gown up and pressed my lower abdomen; with gloves on, he said please spread your legs and without hesitation, I did delightfully. Then, he said “I’m going to put my fingers into your vagina now” and I said Okay. Then he put his fingers gently into my vagina.

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After the vaginal examination, he asked me to stand up and asked if the pain is still severe. And I answered “I’m no longer feeling any pain,” he said okay that I didn’t need to sleep in the hospital; that I should return the next day. He gave me a hug and a walk. I left his office feeling very strong. When my husband saw me, he said “you look better now” I said “yes, I feel very better now, but I have an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow”.

He said, “I think that the Doctor is a good Doctor; please we can make him the family Doctor now since Doctor Stanley has relocated.” I said, “yes, he is a good Doctor, let’s make him our family Doctor.” He said “okay, take care of it; discuss it with him after your appointment with him tomorrow. I will be traveling early morning tomorrow to Senegal.” And I answered submissively “yes, I will do just that my dear husband.

I’m not happy you’re leaving even when you have not completed your break but promise to take care of yourself for me.” “I promise,” he said as we left for the house. I’m happy to share that my abdominal pain is gone; THE GOOD DOCTOR is here.

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