Sweet University Episode 5

In this episode of sweet university, Betty passes the night in Jay-Jay’s house after Emeka mocked her in her house. Also G-girl pays another lecturer to have Betty’s script misplaced

Betty sipped some water and swirled it in her mouth before swallowing it., that was her fifth glass, she was lying down on the soft rug watching Money Heist with Jay- Jay who was sipping some wine. Her eyes drifted to the wall clock. She suddenly became time conscious. “Jeez!…” she quickly got up “did anything bite you?” Jay-jay asked sipping more wine “yes…no..time” she pointed at the clock “what’s with time?” he didn’t look up.

“Its past 8pm already, and the gate to the hostel closes by 7:30.” she said pitying herself “you can pass the night here if you wish ”he started she stared at him- in her wildest dreams. “If you think you can spend the night in the harem of cultists, then you are welcomed.” He added smiling. “No”. She said almost in a whisper “uhm?” “I’m leaving now” she said picking her purse. “okay.” He picking up something that looked like a receiver ”bring over the camry” he said into it.

“Lemme drop you off.” he told her. “I’m going to Emeka’s place- I..I’ll spend the night there” her voice was low. “I’ll drop you there,” he chuckled. He didn’t seem to care. He led the way out, they got into the car and drove off. The journey to Emeka’s place took 30 minutes. “Here we are.” Jay-Jay whispered, stopping the car right in front of Emeka’s flat. “Thank you” she smiled. “I’l call you tomorrow morning” he was smiling too. She knocked gently on Emeka’s door, she is really gonna suprise him.

“Hi..” she said as Emeka opened the door. “wow..” was all Emeka could say before pulling her into a warm hug. “Sit down, let me get you something to eat” he sounded excited. She sat down; the thought of food made her happy. “To what do I owe this visit?” he asked placing a plate of jollof rice before her. Visit! “I was at Jay- Jay’s place, I wasn’t time conscious, it got late, so I decided to come and..you know..spend the night here” she explained slowly.

“Because Jay-Jay couldn’t accommodate you for the night or what?” Emeka asked with a low laugh. Betty felt insulted, she stood up gently, picking her purse and phone “I’m sorry for the trouble” she said moving towards the door. “Hey, c’mon baby, that was not what I meant…” he said apologetically. She wasn’t listening, she left, he followed her, he looked left and right but no trace of her. He sighed heavily, he was in deep poo! He shouldn’t have said those words…He felt the world crashing at his feet.


Betty was standing by the road side, she was breathing heavily, she was trying her best not to cry. D–n it! She cursed under her breathe, who does he think he was anyway! She felt her forehead, her head was aching badly. D–n the headache! d–n Emeka! D–n the hunger she felt! D–n…

A car pulled up beside her, Jay-Jay got down, “Let’s go home little sis” he whispered taking her hands gently, opened the door and she got in without a word. He looked at her briefly before driving off. He helped her out of the car, sat her down on a cushion in the living room “Stop crying” He said gently, she had been crying all the way.

He opened a foil paper that contained suya “Eat” he whispered but she shook her head “please Nnem” he was pleading with her. She has never heard that softness in his voice before, she never knew he had the word ‘please’ in his dictionary.

She took a piece, it tasted foul, she made an attempt to throw up, but he held her down. “Steady there! Its not the suya, but your heart- its full of pains” he said gently, pouring some creamy substance into a mug. “Here, drink up, it’s milk” she drank it all, and drank another serving halfway before keeping the mug down. He pulled her up and moved her towards his bedroom. “you need to sleep” He whispered tucking her in bed.

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He put off the lights leaving only the bedside lamp. “If you need anything, press the bell” he told her showing her a button by the bedside. “Goodnight, I’ll share the spare room with Tiger” he explained before leaving the room. Her eyelids were heavy, she closed them gently, this is where she belongs-home.

She was awakened by the sound of a gun shot. She sat up abruptly pushing the bed covers away, she looked around; Yikes! It was morning. She pressed the bell button on impulse. The door squeaked and opened with Tiger’s head poking in. “You need anything?” he asked he doesn’t have the courtesy to greet! Mtchew.

“Where’s Jay-Jay?” she ignored his question. “Him don comot, e say make I tell you say him dey come now now” tiger replied a little bit politely. “The gunshot?” her voice was low, “Rox was loading his gun” he explained with an amused look who ever Rox was! Mtchew! “Thanks” she watched him shut the door.

What the heck was Jay-Jay thinking leaving her here? What if Tiger beheaded her? She shuddered. Getting up gently, she moved towards the bathroom. Slowly she washed her face trying to wave Tiger’s murderous face off her mind. She looked up at the mirror, her eyes were swollen. Mtchew! Maybe…

“Betty?” Jay-Jay called her she froze, “Where’s this girl?” she quickly wiped her face and ran out. “There you are! How was your night?” he asked dropping a polythene bag on the table . “Good morning” she sat down “uhm…your eyes are swollen, you cried a lot yesterday.” He squatted beside her “wanna talk about it?” he continued. She shook her head.

“Okay” he sighed pulling the polythene bag towards him. He brought out a flask, bread, butter and boiled eggs. “Breakfast” he told her standing up to get a mug. Gently he served her while she ate. “You have lectures today?” he asked, she nodded. “Eat up let me take back to school.” he sounded like a father, she wanted to laugh but kept a straight face.

Betty was walking as fast as her legs could carry her, Emeka too was running after her. Why was he following anyway, can’t he just leave her alone? Mtchew! “Please Betty…” Emeka pleaded holding her arm. “What’s it?” she glared at him. “please I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you by those words” he sounded desperate. “Hmmn, I’ve heard, you didn’t mean those words but you said them? I thought you were a friend” she started walking away. “But I love you” He screamed after her.

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She stopped in her track, her heart racing fast, did he just say those words to her? A crowd of students began to gather. “Please baby, I truly love you, I wouldn’t hurt you” Emeka was now on his knees. “gosh! Please stand up” she was nervous “forgive me” he pleaded “I forgive you, please stand up, we’re creating a scene” her voice was shaky.

He stood up gently “thank you.” He was searching her eyes “I love you too” she said quitely, those tears were welling up again. They hugged each other warmly and the crowd of student clapped and cheered. “Ehen! See love nwantiti!” a plump girl exclaimed before walking off, the crowd began to disperse.

“That was the most romantic display, I’ve ever seen” it was Chuks. “ol’boy I feel you!” Chisom exclaimed “HI” Betty was grinning widely “Nwa oma, I never knew Romeo and Juliet were still alive” Chuks chuckled. Oh yes! She felt fulfilled, at least. “This calls for a celebration” Edith said from behind them. Betty hugged her. “Yes” Chuks and Chisom chorused. “I guess sahara sweets will do” Edith suggested and they all moved towards Emeka’s car. Betty’s phone rang, it was a text message, she opened it…

“Hey little sis, I saw that episode, I never knew you were that romantic…that was lovely, right now ama pop champagne with my guys. I’ll call ya later. Take kia and Enjoy! Jay-Jay” She smiled, Jay-Jay saw it too…G gal can go hell and burn to ash, she doesn’t care.

Students were crowded round the notice board close to the faculty of sciences building, Betty and Edith were among them. Their end of semester result have just being place. Betty got a second class upper, but a course was ticked absent, she gasped. “how comes?” Edith asked “don’t know…but I wrote the exam” Betty sounded confused. Edith thought for a while.. “Errm, come, let’s go to see the lecturer.” she suggested. “What are you gonna do?” ” never mind, come with me.” Edith said taking her hands.

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The lecturer was a female. Mrs Okoro. “Good afternoon ma” they both chorused “How may I help you?” Mrs Okoro asked without looking up. “Our statement of result says Betty Amah, was absent during your exams” Edith started. “So?” “she wasn’t absent, she wrote the exams.” Edith’s voice was rising now. ” Who knows, maybe her paper got missing” Mrs okoro replied eyeing Betty. “That paper isn’t missing, we need to see her booklet” Edith snapped. Betty gasped- Edith’s gat the liver. “Listen girls, leave my office before I get provoked. Don’t you have manners?” Mrs Okoro was visibly angry now.

“Listen madam!” Edith was smiling “It seems you don’t know who Betty Amah is.” Edith moved towards the table “have you heard of Jay- Jay before?” she continued. Mrs Okoro glanced at Betty, then at Edith “Yes.” she said quitely. “Good, and hope you know what he can do when you tamper with his affairs? I guess you love your life” Edith wore a triumphant look. Mrs Okoro looked frightened. Edith and Betty made to leave.

“Wait please” Mrs Okoro’s voice was shaky. “I have the scripts here” she said opening her locker. “Oh..” Edith smiled mischievously. “She had an ‘A’, I’m sorry” Mrs Okoro was visibly scared. “So why did you hide it?” Edith asked “I… I..was paid by Gloria; G-gal” Edith laughed. Betty gasped. “Anyway, that’s your headache, amend every thing soon, go to the exams senate, I want everything cleared by next week” Edith ordered. “I promise” Mrs Okoro said slowly.

Betty and Edith left the office happily. “What’s up with this G-gal?” Betty queried, “Don’t mind her, we’ll handle her, at least, we can use Jay-Jay’s name” Edith chuckled. “hmmn” “cmon cheer up girlie! Let’s talk about something better errm…let’s talk about Emeka!” Edith wanted to make her happy. Betty laughed at the mention of Emeka’s name, yea, it always makes her happy.

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