On sweet university today, Betty visits Jay-Jay in his house after he kissed her in front of Emeka

What is he gonna do to Mr. Adams? Betty thought as they walked towards his office, she was tempted to ask him but her tongue was tied. Boom! Jay-Jay kicked at the door with the inscription ”MR ADAMS” and it flung open, he pulled her in and bolted the door.

Mr. Adams was alarmed and he rose to his feet. “You!” Jay-jay started pointing a finger at him. “You!” he said again moving towards him. Mr. Adams backed away “Jacob please” He pleaded. And Betty was not surprised he knew Jay-Jay. Jay-jay continued moving towards him, when he finally got to him, he pushed him to the wall; his eyes bloodshot. “Jacob please…” Mr. Adams pleaded again “What happened?” Jay-Jay growled. “I swear..I was paid to do it” Mr. Adams shrieked “Did you touch her?” Jay-Jay whispered “I swear… I did not, ask her…I swear” Mr. Adams was writhing in pain.

Jay-Jay turned towards Betty “He did?” “No” she replied, she enjoying the whole scenery, she was tempted to laugh at the look on Mr. Adams face. Foolish man! She thought, Oya come and drag me to your guesthouse now! She hissed within her. “Who paid you for the job?” Jay-Jay scowled letting go-off his neck. “It’s Gloria; G-gal” Mr. Adams whimpered.

Betty gasped, “hmn..” Jay-Jay grunted, he moved towards Betty, placed an arm on her shoulder, and said “so you look this fine girl finish come say you wan enter her London? You no know say London get levels?” Jay-Jay chuckled and straightened up. “As you mumu reach, dem send you, you no fit look road, you no dey look eye? You no dey fear face?

You get moraa to threaten her? Your guest house fit contain her? ” Jay-Jay added, his face hard and his voice rising. “I’m sorry” Mr. Adams whimpered, Wham! Wham!! Jay-Jay’s palms landed on his face twice. He reeled and almost fell down, and Jay-Jay charged towards him. Kpas! Kpas!! Two slaps followed.

He threw a punch, and Mr. Adams staggered, he held the wall for support “Please don’t kill me” he pleaded, his voice was croaky. Betty who was enjoying the scene backed away; alarmed. ”Jay-Jay” her voice was shaky. “Of course I won’t kill you” Jay-Jay chuckled “I’m Jay- Jay, I don’t shed blood” His chuckle was louder now.

“Now…I think you’ve gat the message, do not tamper with just any girl. Tell all your fellow lecturers; Betty Amah is my sister! Understood?” “Yes sir” Mr. Adams whimpered. “Good! Next time you try that nonsense; ama use your balls for suya! Now apologize to her!” “I’m sorry” Mr. Adams was sobbing.

“Good! Nnem, let’s go” Jay-jay took her hands; slamming the door behind them. “Thanks, I’m very grateful,” Betty said as they got out of the building. “Aiit, you’re like a sister to me, any problems just call on me ok? This is my phone number.” He wrote it down on a paper. “Thanks, brother,” she said excitedly hugging him.

Emeka was driving past the biological sciences garden; he was thinking of Betty, he tried calling her a few minutes before now but she didn’t pick his calls, perhaps she was busy reading her books. He ran his free hand through his hair and glanced at the garden,- he gasped. He quickly stopped the car, his heart was racing. He saw Betty with Jay-Jay; they were sitting on a cane chair, Jay-Jay was leaning towards her, while she was smiling happily.

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Emeka bounced out of his car and sauntered towards them. Betty turned unexpectedly, their eyes met. He expected her to freeze or jump up, but she remained calm; her smile was wider now. “hy Bestie..” she said with a grin “hy” He didn’t smile. “Bestie please meet Jay-Jay. Jay-Jay meet Emeka” she said gently. “Hi, nice to meet you” Emeka was stretching forth his hand for a handshake.

“It’s my pleasure” Jay-Jay smiled, he didn’t take the handshake “errm..I was driving by..then… errrm… I just wanted to say hi” Emeka said gently pocketing his hands “Wow…thats so sweet of you, you’re such a darling.” Betty laughed is she high or something? “Bye” Emeka turned to leave.

“Ciao” Jay-Jay chuckled. Emeka gave him a cold look before walking away. “And what was that?” Betty queried “Uhm?” Jay- Jay smiled “You refused to shake him, and..” her voice trailed off, “are you angry?” He chuckled moving towards her “yes I am” her voice was rising. “That’s not how to be angry” he kissed her lips” this is how to be angry” he added moving away. She gasped.

She turned gently and walked away. Betty was mute. She kept toying with her glass of juice.
“Hey! Are you okay?” Jay-Jay was sitting right there- facing her. She almost forgot she called him to meet her here. “Helloooo, Nnem, talk to me” he called out again.

“Jay…I don’t like what you’re doing.” She started “Emeka has refused to pick my calls because of your attitude yesterday” she stopped to lower voice “you even kissed me…imagine, Jay that was too…” she stopped again. “So what are you trying to tell me?” Jay-Jay said quietly. “You taking advantage of me!” she snapped. His eyes narrowed; she wished she never said that.

“You see Jay…” she stopped not knowing what to say. She searched his eyes. “Are you saying I’m responsible for whatever is going on now between you and Emeka?” His voice was low. She made to speak but he stopped her. “I’ve never had any silly intention towards you, I regarded you as a sister and nothing else. I’m sorry for the kiss, that was not a kiss but a peck!” he stood up “You know what? I think you’re the one taking advantage of me!” he walked away. “Jay-Jay” she called but he didn’t look back. She sighed. Placed her knotted fist below her chin.

She was in trouble. “Hi” she looked up, it was Emeka. “I’m sorry for what happened yesterday” she muttered, “it’s okay, so was that your boyfriend?” He didn’t seem angry “He is a friend like a brother” Betty replied. Emeka sighed, he waved at the waitress, gave her orders. ” so what are you doing here all alone with your table filled with eatables? Emeka smiled. She managed a low laugh, ThankGod Emeka is no longer angry, she needs to see Jay-Jay…where is she gonna find him? Emeka was staring at her, she looked away and sighed again.


“Where the hell are you going?” Edith queried. Betty didn’t reply, she quickly combed her hair, held it into a bun with her ribbon; she rushed to pick her shoes “I asked you a question” Edith squeaked Betty rolled her eyes, she wasn’t ready for Edith’s interrogation. “This girl! Have you suddenly gone deaf or dumb?” Edith squeaked again.

“You told me the other day to face my problems alone” Betty retorted. “You’re not going anywhere, till you tell me where you’re going” Edith eyed her “see, I offended Jay- Jay, I need to go and apologize” Betty replied shortly “Ehn?” Edith yelled. Betty grimaced “You wan die abi?” “No..I’m going to Jay-Jay’s house,” Betty said applying her lip balm.

“Have you been there before?” Edith squeaked. “no, I’ve got his address” Betty picked her phone and purse. “Don’t go o” Edith was screaming now. “If you don’t see me after two days, call my mum and tell her I’m dead” she was close to tears now. “Betty, please don’t go” Edith pleaded.

Betty Visits Jay-Jay

Betty opened the door, turned to glance at Edith; then at the wall clock it was past five already, she left hurriedly. “Sister number wetin?” the cab driver asked “number…errm…34″ Betty replied glancing at the paper in her hand as if to be sure.

She was already in Odutola street, just a few blocks from Jay-Jay’s house. The street was scanty, if anything happened to her here, there’d be nobody to help. “We don reach” the cab driver announced. She got down, gave him some naira notes; muttered a thank you, and moved toward the gate. She knocked and knocked no answer; she got tired and decided to leave. “Hey! Na you knock this gate” someone roared behind her.

Her stomach churned, she turned swiftly. The guy had a murderous look on his face. “yes… errm..I’m looking for…errrm…Jay-Jay lives here?” she stuttered “Jay-Jay?” the guy asked as if to be sure. “Yes, good afternoon” she could not help flexing her knees. “why you dey find am?” “I’m his friend… sister…I need to see him” she replied. The guy scrutinized her with his eyes.

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“You no fit see am now, him dey busy,” he said with a note of finality. She felt weak, tears welled up in her eyes. She turned slowly to leave. ” Tiger you and who dey talk?” She gasped, she turned sharply, she saw Jay-Jay. “na one sister like that” the guy replied. Their eyes met- she and Jay-Jay, he looked away; she melted- she must have hurt him much. He mumbled something and walked in. “him say make you enter,” Tiger told her opening the gate wide for her. He led her to the main building but stopped by the door leading inside.

She opened the door gently and went inside. She closed the door behind her, and looked at him, he was standing, his hands behind him, his face was neutral. “What do you want?” “Good evening Jay- Jay..” she started “What do you want?” His voice was firm. She sighed, what was she going to tell him. “I’m sorry Jay-Jay…” “so?” he cut her sharply.

“I’m truly sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” she pleaded. She moved towards him but he backed away. “what makes you think I’m hurt?” He asked “I’m sorry, please” her voice was shaky. “So?” he asked again “please forgive me” the tears rolled down her cheeks, she went on her knees. He looked away, he hates to see her cry.

“Stand up” He whispered. “Not until I’m forgiven,” she said amidst tears. “It’s alright,” he said pulling her up, he had forgiven her since if he hadn’t forgiven her he wouldn’t let her in. “Ebezina- don’t cry,” He said wiping her tears. She searched his eyes. “Thank you” “anything for you sister,” he said patting her head. “Sit down” he gestured to a sofa “what do I offer you?” he asked smiling. She felt homely now.

“We have water and…you don’t take alcohol?” he said amidst smiles “I don’t” ” well, little sis, water is the only thing for now.” He moved towards his fridge. He offered her a glass which she drank, he stared at her for some seconds. “You surprise me!” he stated, she looked at him questioningly.

“You know, you came straight to my house without any fear that I might kill or hurt you, I gave you water- you drank without fear that I might drug you…you seem to trust me so much” He said shaking his head “every sister trusts her brother, and no brother would drug his sister,” she said smiling.

“Yea, you gat me at that” he chuckled. “Your favourite channel?” he picked up the Tv remote. “Fashion TV” she replied relaxing into the sofa “I knew it” he chuckled.

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