Sweet university – Betty escapes rapists

Betty was hurrying up d staircase dat led to the 1st floor of d faculty of science building, she was moving so fast that she didn’t notice Emeka coming down the stairs, and boosh! She banged into him; scattering his books all over the place “aaww…erm.. I’m sorry..I..erm” she stammered nervously trying to pick-up the books while Emeka stared down at her-too surprised to speak.

“I’m very sorry, I didn’t notice..I… I am… I’m truly sorry” Betty said finally, presenting the books to him without looking up. “errm..never mind..its ok” Emeka said collecting his books, unconsciously brushing her fingers. “I’m truly sorry,” Betty said again, pulling her fingers from his grip.

“its alright dearie…anyway, I’m Emeka Jonas” he said wearing his disarming smile “I’m Betty Amah” she replied shaking his hand. “nice name…eerrrhhh, I’m sorry about the other day..u know..”Emeka stammered “its aiit” Betty said smiling sweetly.

Oh gosh she’s too pretty Emeka thought.”I …errm, you’re in this faculty too?” Emeka asked. “yea, department of biochem, level one and you?” Betty replied “I study industrial chem, level three” “wow..dats nice, I’m here to see a lecturer, I need to get going now” Betty stated “okay, nice, I gotta let you go now, see ya later” Emeka replied “Bye” Betty replied sauntering up the stairs. She turned again to get a glimpse-he is cute, oh my! nice shave, gosh! She thought. Emeka hurried towards his friends smiling-at least I apologized, ol’boy those eyes..ish! dat smile…
Betty hmmn..He said to himself.

Sighing loudly; Emeka moved away from the window towards a cushion in his sitting room, he sat down gently and rubbed his eyes swiftly, he has been standing for more than 30mins thinking of Betty.
Thank God his mischievous friends went out, else it might have been talk-talk and talk. He needs time to think, there is a force pulling him to Betty, her face is the new wallpaper on his mind, he sees her in all he does.

“what’s happening..” he thought loudly “” this gal is giving me a hell lot of torture, can’t stop thinking of her-aaargh! Those eyes…she is just different” he continued. “who knows…she might not like me..” He stood up, and moved towards the window again” hey doing this to yourself” he said chuckling and walked into his bathroom, he stared blankly at the mirror, he waved at the image”hy do I know you” he chuckled again trying to stare the image down.

He is too beautiful to be called handsome, fine- smooth skin, thick hair, bushy eyebrows and lashes,…and ooh those six-packs, he is just everything a gal will pray for. He smiled again at his image, waved, and moved into the bathtub, he needed a cool shower, he needs to go out, perhaps, he might find her again.

Betty smiled shyly at her friend/room-mate; Edith who just pulled a dirty joke. “This one you’re doing oju sometimes for me, you wan form saint abi?” Edith started “Which one is oju sometime again? I’m just wondering how you use dirty words without any remorse” Betty replied “Is it bad? We’re in a mature world jor.

Meanwhile, have you heard from your new friend Emeka?” Edith continued Betty’s heart missed a beat, she felt shivers running through her spine” I don’t know!” “Which one be that one again, this girl I dey warn you, no dey form saint for this school o” Betty’s heart raced fastly, she is not falling in love, is she? No, she’s just being caring.

What if he should appear from nowhere now, is she presentable? She looked at herself all-over, a top, pencil skirt, slipper- sandals, with no make-up-hmmn, she prayed he won’t see her.

She was jolted back to reality; by Edith making a remark about the butt of a student who just walked into the buka they are in. She hissed at Edith, and her attention was drawn to a car that just pulled up close to the buka. Its occupant got out,and her heartbeat increased, she quickly looked away, oh no! Not now! She groaned.

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“wetin happen wey you dey sound like pig abi na piglet” Edith queried “Hy there!” Emeka said walking towards them. He was in a 3/4 shorts and T-shirt to march. “Hy, what’s up!” Edith said, trying to sound important while Betty kept mute. He pulled a chair and sat down facing Betty, he smiled at her “Good afternoon” she said quietly “you look good- I love your hair-do!” Emeka said chuckling,” So how are you?” “We’re fine” came Edith’s quick reply. “You’re having lunch?” he stated rather than asking “errm yea, we’re done with it, we’re just about leaving…” Betty flipped not minding Edith’s nudge “You’re not leaving cos I came right?” Emeka asked with a sorry look ” oh no! Not at all! We’re having lectures soon.”

Betty replied, standing up, picking her bag, and eyeing Edith who just pinched her. “Okay..but please can I have your phone number?
I’d just call to say hi”. He asked with pleading eyes. She took his phone, typed in the phone number,” Bye” she said handing over the phone. “Errrm, what theatre are you having lectures? Errm so that i can drop you off, I might be going that way too” Emeka stated, rising slowly.

“Theatre two, the one close to the library,” Edith said quickly, determined not to miss the ride. “I’m going that way too, lemme drop you off,” Emeka said, excitement creeping into his voice. Betty couldn’t help the situation any longer, she had no choice but to oblige.

They got into the back seat, and off they went. It was past 11 pm, Betty glanced at her wrist-watch nervously as she hurried down the path that led to the girls hostel. She shouldn’t have stayed this late at the library, she was carried away quoting names of bacteria’s, she chuckled nervously.

A rustling sound from the bush by her right made her shudder. She had been warned several by Edith never to stay out late, else she’d be a victim to rapists. She heard some footsteps, or maybe it was her imagination, but wait! The sound is now clearer, she bent down, picked her slippers, pulled up her skirt, and was about to start a marathon when she saw them clearly. They were about ten, surrounding her. ThankGod they were girls, but girls can be rapists too…gosh!

“Uh-oh, there she is! I never knew I would be privileged to host you this sweet night” one of the girls said. “My name is Gloria aka G-Gal; if you care to know, I’m the leader of the female cult group of this uni.

You should have heard about me!” she continued moving towards Betty. Betty felt she really wanna pee, the fluid is already trickling down her legs. “I hear say you been dey follow Emeka like super- glue, so na you be the gal wey no wan let Emeka notice me abi?” G-gal asked cocking an eyebrow “I…I…errm” Betty stammered before one of the
girls asked her to shut her prat.

“You wan follow me talk abi? You get the liver to come get audacity join; to open that latrine talk to me? E be like say your malle no teach you manners, abi na jjc dey worry you! I need to give give you lectures for here” G-gal screamed at her, raising her hands to strike her, Betty closed her eyes tightly expectantly, wondering how the blow will sound when she was startled by an over-tone bass voice scowl “let her go!”.

She opens her eyes swiftly… Jeez! They were surrounded by about 15 boys, the leader holding G-gal’s arm. Yeh! She knew she was in deep trouble, they might kill her, she started confessing her sins, asking God to receive her soul when she heard G-gal arguing with the other gang leader.

“Jay-Jay, why should I? She deserves it and more, she is dating my crush, she won’t let him notice me..”G- gal protested angrily.

“Your crush? Ridiculous! So you wanna punish for no crime? Ain’t you ashamed of your self fighting a Jjc over a guy who will never notice you?” Jay-jay said chuckling “I want you and your gals to leave this parole now!” he added. “No I won’t,” G-gal said angrily. Jay-jay moved towards her, pulled her gently towards him and quietly said “Next time you try to be stubborn, ama tell my boys to rip-off your p-part, eat off your headlights, and ama derive some pleasure in designing your face so you won’t make-up again, you Dam” pushing her violently to the ground, he place a foot on her and said” take this thrash outta ma sight”, swiftly his boys grabbed her and her clique into the bush.
Betty had tried a million times to faint, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t stop muttering” LORD RECEIVE MY SOUL”

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“And where were we going to Nnem?” she started” I… errm, I’m coming from…from…from… going…to..to..to..to..the hostel sir” “good night… go…good evening sir” she added flexing her knees.

Jay-Jay smiled” I’m Jacob, aka jay-jay, let me see off to the hostel,” he said taking her hands. He walked her gently to the gate leading to the hostel rooms. He stopped at the gate and whispered” Next time, don’t walk around this late huh?! You might not be so lucky again huh?!”

“Thank you sir” Betty flexed her knees “oh d–n! I’m not sir, I’m Jay-jay” he told her “I.. Sorry sir…I mean.Jay-Jay.” “What’s your beautiful name?” he asked. “Betty,” came the soft reply “nice name, now hurry in, good night,” he said, and walked away briskly, while she ran towards her room.

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