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The activities were on…students tottering all-over the place, some are relaxing under shades, while some were in a hurry to get into the University Auditorium.

Emeka and his friends (Chisom and Chuks) were relaxing under a tree close to a kiosk; discussing every- girls, lecturers, and all amidst laughter. They were about discussing one of Emeka’s numerous girlfriends when Chisom said” guys, these new girls, I mean the new intakes, they make sense o” “I think say na only me see them o” Chuks chirped in, and dey all rolled with laughter, “I sure say Emeka is making arrangements to have more girl on his list” Chuks added nudging Emeka, who winked and said” trust your guy na” they were about to start another round of laughter when Chisom quickly made signs, they understood and looked around…

There came a beautiful packaged girl named Betty as she walked briskly to the kiosk” good afternoon ma, please I need some hardcover notes and a pen” “wow..she over make sense o” Chisom exclaimed while the other gaped. “Emeka make sure you add her to your list o” Chuks said loudly, not minding that she is within hearing distance.

Emeka stood up and walked across to her while his friends cheered.
“hi beautiful,” he said just as Betty was about to walk away…she turned slightly, summed him up in a look that could make one freeze” errm…are u a new student? I mean ur face-it looks like… I mean…we’ve not met b4″ Emeka said slowly. “Do I look like one of them, do I have their traits? ”Betty snapped” I beg your pardon” he replied looking confused. “do I look like those gals u have on ur list? Do I have their looks” Betty queried “errm I’m sorry…I..”He started “mtchew” Betty hissed and walked away.

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Emeka sighed, disappointed, walked back to his friends who were already doubling with laughter…”Emmy-boy, don’t worry-ndo, that’s how these JJC gals dey form, no mind dat gal…plenty fish dey river abeg” Chisom said patting his shoulder, he shrugged it off, placed his head on a knotted fist-licking his wound.

“Emeka won’t you come along? The party is gonna rock this night” Chisom said chuckling, while Chuks adjusted his collar “hmmn..”Emeka grunted,” Guy dis one wey u dey look downcast since na wetin na?” Chisom queried ” e be lyk say my guy still dey vex for ‘miss jjc’, abi?” Chuks said smiling mischievously,”Emmy-boy come along nw…”Chisom pleaded “you guys can go, I’ll be fine” Emeka replied with a note of finality. He watched them leave in his car, while he sunk into bed trying to wave Betty off his mind.


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