Super League: UEFA ExCo member says Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City will be removed from Champions League semis

Super League: UEFA ExCo member says Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City will be removed from Champions League semis

Uefa Exco member - ban Real Madrid Manchester City and Chelsea from champions League

News of the brakeaway super League has shocked the European soccer world.

And while the repercussions of the momentous decision won’t be fully none for weeks or months, if not years, at least one member of UEFA’s executive committee expects teams involved in the endeavor to start facing the consequences of their decision sooner rather than later.


Jesper Møller, the Danish FA chairman, told Danish outlet DR Sport that he expects the members of the Brakeaway group who remain in this season’s Champions League to be removed from the competition saying.

Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea are going out, and I expect that to happen on Friday,” Møller said. “And then you have to see how to finish the Champions League.”


Earlier in the day UEFA president Aleksander Aleksander Ceferin vowed to use all the tools and sanctions at his disposal to fight back against the 12 teams who announced their plans to join the Super League

Uefa president Aleksandra - Super League

“There must be one extraordinary executive committee meeting on Friday. I have an expectation that the 12 clubs will be thrown out,” Møller said.


The 2020-2021 version of the UEFA Champions League has reached the semifinal stage with the first leg scheduled for Tuesday, April 27 when Chelsea is currently supposed to play Real Madrid and PSG is on course to face Manchester City.

Teams participating in the Uefa Super League

Should the three breakaways be removed it remains to be seen how UEFA would handle the remainder of this competition. Real Madrid’s quarterfinal victory was over yet another breakaway side, Liverpool, though both Manchester City and Chelsea defeated teams in Borussia Dortmund and Porto that have rejected the idea of the Super League.


In the UEFA Women’s Champions League, two of the four semifinalists, Barcelona and Chelsea, are involved in the breakaway plans.


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