#Karina: Otuoke Youths Send 2 Press Statements Warning FUO Students

Shortly after the incidence where a 300 level student of Federal University Otuoke was beaten up by some youths from Otuoke Community in Bayelsa, the Otuoke Youths Council (OYC) has released two (2) press statements warning students to desist from defaming the name of the host community as it would not be taken lightly anymore.

Press Statement From Concerned Otuoke Youths

Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!

We The Concerned Youths Of Otuoke Community And Other Relevant Pressure Groups In Otuoke And Ogbia L.G.A. At Large Writes To Inform The Entire Public!!!

It has come to our notice that some individuals including few Students and former Students Of Federal University Otuoke have taken it upon themselves to regularly dent and ridicule the image of the Community and other respected personalities in the land of Otuoke on social media for no just cause.

We are also aware of the recent happening, where people write fictional stories and instead of concentrating on their false and illusional stories, they go-ahead to include the name of the community where they are currently schooling, thereby painting the image of the Community in a bad lite in other for them to get cheap social media attention and fame.

We would no longer condole any such act of insolence, be it directly or indirectly, as any similar act like this will be properly dealt with in all legal and traditional ramifications.

Otuoke Community is not stopping anyone from writing or being creative but while writing, have it at the back of your mind that Otuoke is a peace-loving and visitors friendly Community that receives and embraces visitors to enable them to achieve their goals and reasons for coming to the Community.

It is imperative that we all have it mind also that Otuoke is not a Free Town as it has a Leadership and other Youths bodies who are guided and governed by rules, any act of reducing or ridiculing the Community name that has been written in gold in the world map especially by the inhabitants of the Community be it from an indigene or a Stranger or visitor will no longer be taken likely.

We all are aware that there are clearly spelled out rules in the Nigerian Constitution guiding the writing of articles and stories, where your inspirational and creative writings do not directly or indirectly dent the images of people and places.
If you must create a frictional story then the names and places you use in the cause of your writing too must be abstract, not direct names of places or people.

Thanks For Your Understanding And Strict Adherence.

Concern Youths Of Otuoke Community.

All Other Relevant Youth Bodies In Otuoke And Ogbia At Large.

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Another Memo From OYC

Shortly after, another statement was released by Comr. Omieworo Victor who is the welfare Officer/Ag. Pro Otuoke youth council, on behalf of the council president.

It reads,


From the office of the president Otuoke youth council through the office of the welfare/Ag. Pro, we want to use this rear privilege to send a straight warning to anyone who always enjoys painting people’s and community names on the Internet Most especially, on the social media that if such act should continue, the leadership of Otuoke community will not take it kindly to anyone found in such act again.

Let this message be spread to everyone living in Otuoke land, especially those that have come to Otuoke community to study never to use her name in any fictional stories or any other story that looks very similar to a fictional story. The youth council of Otuoke community will deal with that person legally and otherwise.


Comr. Omieworo Victor

welfare Officer/Ag. Pro Otuoke youth council

for the president.


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