#OpenOurCampuses: Nigeria Students Agitate For The Reopening Of Schools

If religion is essential, education is essential. If the economy is essential, education is more essential. Open Our Campuses

Nigeria Students are beginning to agitate for the reopening of schools across the nation which has been closed down for over two months now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Most have taken to social media to agitate and call on other students to engage in an online protest against the continuous lockdown of schools.

Comr. Akpobasah Omokri, president of the National Association Of Delta State Student NADESSTU, Federal University Otuoke Chapter, Bayelsa State in his reaction states that if it is safe for the federal government to reopen religious centres and markets, then it’s also safe for schools to be reopened.

Nigeria Student Leaders Demand Immediate Reopening Of Schools And Campuses

“If it is safe for churches to open, schools can open. If social distancing can be observed in the market, then students can observe it. If it is safe for traders to go to the market, students can also go to the classrooms. If it is safe to resume aviation, it is safe to open schools. The continuous shutdown of our campuses only points out that the educational sector is the least prioritized sector in Nigeria.”

According to him, so far, there are about 509 confirmed cases in Tanzania. For two weeks now, there have been no reports of new cases. Tanzanian government never adopted the total lockdown approach. Instead, The government placed more emphasis on individuals maintaining personal hygiene. The president stated that there is no point locking people down when the government can’t provide for them.

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Continuation of the lockdown in Nigeria will be of no effect. A total waste of time. Open the economy and all other sectors and let the citizens adapt to the new normal. COVID-19 will surely not be here forever but it is not leaving soon. Until it leaves, let’s live with it, he said.

Others Call For Online Protest

I call on every Nigerian Student to use their Twitter handle to demonstrate a non-violence protest, lets shed our grievances to the Federal Government of Nigeria. It’s been over two months since we have been kept out of school.

The Government claimed there was Covid-19 in the Country, we obeyed all the necessary measures but now they have decided to reopen religious centers, Markets, and local flights and also promised to announce a date to reopen international flights, while nothing at all is been said regarding our resumption date.

I feel the Federal Government is scared of facing ASUU by using Covid-19 as a cover and we the Nigeria Students are tired of being the grass who suffers each time the two elephants get on each other’s neck.

Our future is as at stake if we continue staying at home while other aspects of the Society is gradually returning to normal.

#OpenOurCampuses Campaigm

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent to things that matter. The federal government cannot continue to lock down our campuses and propose to commence flight June 21st.

The majority of our students are home doing nothing, staying with their parents in a crowded room of seven-persons while our hostel fees are expiring.

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The government has failed to understand that the institutions are the most coordinated place and only places that can maintain rules and regulations.

Let’s join this Campaign, let’s save our Educational sector.

#OpenOurCampuses hashtags have already been initiated on Twitter and other social media platforms

Will School Reopen?


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