New InksnationDAO 2.0 Website Launched With New Services, Features

IBSMARTIFY, owners of InksnationDAO Foundation have launched a new website called InksnationDAO 2.0 created for the second phase of the Inksnation project which will focus on human asset tokenization starting by March 2021.

The project which is geared toward ending poverty in any country in less than 9 months by incentivizing goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace, and equitable distribution of wealth has just launched version 2.o.

The new website listed the services Inksnation will be fulfilling as well as the team behind the Inksnation Pinkoin Project.

InksnationDAO 2.0 is focused on the New birth of Human Asset Tokenization and has Blockchain-as-a-Service for Individuals, Companies, Commercial & Central banks (BaaS).

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Features InksnationDAO 2.0 and Services

features of inksnationdao

Human Asset Tokenization

Humans are represented on the InksLedger Blockchain as LivingNodes with a Universal Wallet Address (UWA). Each LivingNode is tokenized at a minimum asset value of $800,000 worth of PinKoin

Global Currency Reset

All 180 sovereign currencies will be upgraded to a Human Asset Backed Currency e.g HAT$, HAT£, HAT₦.

Distributed Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Banks will run Federated InksNodes which will upgrade the country’s currency into a Distributed Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency. Commercial Banks will also run Private InksNodes.

Universal Basic Income Scheme

All LivingNodes will receive a minimum of 0.04% from his or her $800,000 tokenization on the InksLedger Blockchain as Universal Child Basic Income.

Salary Payment through Crypto

Governments can program their National Salary System on the InksLedger Blockchain to ease the effect of COVID’19.

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Strategic Global Abundance Monetary Policy

The Human Asset Backed Currencies are built on Strategic Global Abundance Monetary Policy which will strengthen all currencies and bail their Nations out of debts.

InksLedger Financial System

The InksLedger Financial System (IFS-DeFi) is the world’s first humanitarian decentralized financial system.

inksledger financial system

InksnationDao Inksledger Financial System

Video explanation of the InksLedger Financial Systems

The Inksnation Team

Who Is The Founder of Inksnation?

  • AMOS SEWANU OMOTADE-SPARKS (Universal Daddy Ink (UDI)- Founder/CEO
  • UWA DORIS OMOTADE-SPARKS (Universal Mummy Ink (UMI) – Co-Founder/COO

    who is the founder of inknation

    Founders of InksnationDAO

InksnationDAO Inkodes Bearers

  • HON. IBY ALFRED AJOGBOR CPM -National Brother Ink (NBI)
inksnationdao Inksnode Bearers

Inksnationdao Inksnode Bearers


  • SISTER INK KUKLI BHATNAGAR – India Deputy Director General
  • BROTHER INK MIGUEL PARRILA – Spain Legal Officer
  • BROTHER INK MARK JONES OKOLIE -Switzerland Representative
  • BROTHER INK YUSUF IBRAHIM ISAH- Malta Representative
  • BROTHER INK PERCY EVOGU – Spain Representative
  • BROTHER INK JESSY ISIBOR -United Kingdoom Representative
  • BROTHER INK SAID ASHEEM – Egypt Representative
  • BROTHER INK ADETOYAN SHOLA- United Arab Emirates Representative.
inksnationdao Inkternational leaders



InksnationDAO NIGERIA Generals

  • BROTHER INK NWABUEZE SAMUEL C. – National Director General
  • BROTHER INK PRECIOUS MOMOH -National Secretary-General
  • BROTHER INK USMAN HUSSAIN GARBA – Deputy National Director General
InksnationDAO NIGERIA Generals

InksnationDAO NIGERIA Generals


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  1. let’s watch and wait, I’m sure everything will be handled by then

  2. Please inksnation Brothers and sisters my question is about the young ones we register who are not up to 18 years,how can we get asses of what belong to them by the time tokozonization begins by march2021.thanks

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