LoanTech: How To Earn 3% Daily On Investment

LoanTech’s platform enables you to receive 3% Daily returns indefinitely with the possibility to withdraw up to 34% from the loan principal. The option to ask for any portion or all of the 34% loan principal will be unlocked on the 22nd day for each loan placed. This ensures high enough reward with fairly low risk of principal loss due to the short 22 days break-even.

They present an exceptional lending based crowdfunding service of remarkable quality with a simple interface driven by intuitive & perpetual background interplay, much like a classic timepiece.



  1. Loans Are Placed At LoanTech: Members from all around the world can contribute by lending via the LT platform.
  2. Loans Borrowed By OTC Traders: Loans are assembled into packages and allocated be-tween OTC brokers/traders.
  3. Loans Produce Profit For Life: Platform application (ORION) distributes 3% daily return on every loan

LoanTech: How To Earn 3% Daily On Investment 1


LoanTech profit allocation mechanism ensures stability even during the worst-case scenario where all of our members choose to take their 34% principal at the same time while profits from OTC brokers have yielded only 16% ROL for that month.

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LT MEMBERS FUNDS: 75% Of all borrowed funds coming from Loan-Tech on day 0 goes to OTC high-frequency trading Bots. 15% Of all borrowed funds coming from LoanTech on day 0 goes to OTC high profile smart-money private traders.

Highest Priority > Supporting future profits for those LT members who have chosen to withdraw 34% of their active loan principal after the 22nd day.

Lower Priority > Supporting loan returns for those LT members who have yet to cross the 22nd day of loan activity

COMPANY RESERVES 10% of all lent funds.


  1. Lucrative returns on your loans: Offering the highest sustainability possible for returns in the current loan market climate.
  2. Automatic income generation: You can passively earn 3% daily endlessly without extra involvement nor charges.
  3. High paying affiliate program: Up to $2,500 USD instant cash-out from a single loan placed by your downline.
  4. Short loan ‘break-even’ cycle: Every member has the opportunity to get to the point of no risk in just 22 days.
  5. Low entry funding requirements: The minimum required to activate a loan is only $30, registering an account takes 3min.
  6. A chance to improve your future: A well-thought-out lending plan that can deliver continual profits for a very long.


LoanTech is a bridge that meticulously mediates between each loan placed by the members and our growing list of borrowers. A strong emphasis was placed on the lender’s positive experience with platform interface & intuitive navigation when executing all sorts of transactions.

There is a balance of financial forces that we at LoanTech must seamlessly contemplate in the background to sustain a stable high-yielding crowdfunding system. We can achieve that by limiting loan principal withdrawals to 34% only after day #22 and by ORION software automated distribution of partners returns (borrowers) based on loan dates.


You can add funds with many options including bank wire & cards. To start via Bank or Credit card, please do the following procedure:

  1. Signup or Login if you have an account, go into: “ADD LOAN”.
  2. Bitcoin is pre-selected, so enter amount & click “PROCEED”.
  3. Copy your deposit Bitcoin address (the long-phrase shown).
  4. Transfer Bitcoin to the given address using your Bitcoin wallet service to complete your deposit.
  5. You can buy Bitcoins from Roqqu fast and conveniently.

Never-mind the exact amount, just send any Satoshi value up to $30,000 USD and it’ll be auto-reflected once confirmed 3 times.

After the Bitcoin transfer is finished: Please wait for our E-Mail. Usually, the process above takes 30min (depends on the BTC network).

Or (instead), you can use a direct payment platform we offer: – offers few local ways of funding (incl. bank/cards). In Payeer choose Wire or Card to complete the transfer.

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  1. Simply go to the ‘WITHDRAW’ page, choose eWallet.
  2. Enter the amount (that’s available in balance, Min $1.00) and click PROCEED.
  3. On the next page, you must confirm the withdraw by inputting the ‘Withdraw PIN’ you’ve entered during registration.

There are no withdrawal fees and you can withdraw your earnings at any time through your dashboard.


LoanTech: How To Earn 3% Daily On Investment 1

Founded by Chris Wright and his diligent team, “Bright Future Loans, LTD” has a long history behind the teammate’s close friendship. Years ago we’d already established a ‘rough’ idea that later on has become the engine behind LoanTech’s System.

Support (faster respond in form): Official Facebook:

Company address: 17 Little Grove Field, Harlow, Essex, CM201HY, United Kingdom



Risk Warning: Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, taking into account your investment objectives and level of experience, before trading, and if necessary seek independent advice. Tori4Town will not be held responsible for any loss incurred as a result of this investment.


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