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The founder of Inksnationdao, Amos Sewanu Omotade Sparks has reiterated his commitment to changing the lives of Nigerians and uplift them from poverty through the inksledger financial system, which aims at tokenizing humans on earth, thereby giving value to life.

The second phase of the InksNationdao project will March 12, 2021 and it will be the Human Asset Tokenization level also known as HAT age.

Major Features of The InksnationDAO Human Asset Tokenization

  1. Minimum Assets Value of $800,000 worth of Pinkoin
  2. Pinkoin the World’s First Distribution Reserve Cryptocurrency Becomes The New Global Currency.
  3. Which will work for instantaneous cross border transactions between Nations and Banks that embrace it.
  4. Hybrid Permissioned BLOCKCHAIN.
  5. Our Inksledger Financial System Blockchain promotes proof of love for humanity and proves of love for artificial intelligence which will eventually bring a utopia of abundance. A world with abundant Goods and services for everyone.

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Full Speech From InksnationDao Founder, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks

One of the best times for our project is when the whole world has been tokenized and it is not going to be an easy job nor a day’s job. We have been able to fast track what took Bitcoin 6-7 years to achieve, in a short space of time, we have achieved it with pinkoin.

The most important thing to exchanging is relativity to goods and services. The fact that you can even exchange your pinkoins for cash is because we are escorting paper money out of the world but some people still don’t understand where we are going.

The Future of Inksledger Financial System

The project itself is still standing on one foot. It was created with central banks and commercial banks in mind. These are people who before now are scared of blockchain because they feel the blockchain technology will annihilate the central banks, commercial banks.

But if they should look at blockchain as a service, these banks can see blockchain as software, a tech tool to upgrade what they are currently using and it would not threaten them anymore. Our blockchain comes with a lot of benefits for them. But in the meantime, before we achieve our first central/commercial bank or the first country that will embrace pinkoin and Inksledger financial system, we would have to manage ourselves.

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We are on a journey to mass adoption, we are on a journey to having our coin adopted as a legal tender fully and basically what we need is just one country to start with then more countries will join. If Nigeria should adopt this, Nigeria will automatically become the headquarters and that will place Nigeria on a new global height.

InksNation’s Global Plan

Our plan is that every country in the world will have a Nigerian representative that those people will answer to and respect because of Pinkoin. We can grab the leadership of the world within a short period of time with blockchain. We can have e-citizens all over the world just like Estonia.

With E-Citizenship, we can increase our GDP from these Nigerians in other countries even without them visiting the country and how do we achieve this? Through bank verification number (BVN). We’ll only need to have BVN spots and centres in every country.

Challenges InksNation Is Facing

We face many challenges on daily basis because of the Inksledger financial system project but many don’t appreciate what we are doing but we thank God that understand. The fact that we are getting hits from even government bodies is a sign that we are for real.

When we started, we wrote different letters to them and they ignored us but today, we have gotten to the stage written in those letters because we knew the attacks will come one day, which was why we wrote the letters beforehand in the first place.


                             Inksnationdao Letter to CBN

Inksnationdao Letter to NIN
















We are determined to see this project succeed and the challenges we are encountering along the way will never make us stop, we will keep moving. We are so eager to retain Nigeria as the headquarters but if the hostile and unfriendly nature of the environment will warrant us to move it to somewhere better, then so be it because we will not be so rigid to hold it down for a country that is not supporting us.

Like I said, bear with us. Also, understand that everything we are doing is for the betterment of everyone, trust us, we know what we are doing. We never expected it to be this easy in the first place but that doesn’t mean there will not be challenges. We will succeed if you work with us. Thank you

Always remember that Daddy Ink loves you.


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