Inksnation Pinkoin ATM Unveiled In Nigeria, Adopts More Pinkoin Merchants

It was all joy yesterday as Inksnation Pinkoin ATM was unveiled in Lagos Nigeria yesterday by members of the management team of Inksnation.

If you recall, Inksnation promised Nigerians that the Native Reserve Cryptocurrency will be Pinkoin which is the Primary Coin on the InksLeder Blockchain, therefore, we are on a mission to end poverty in Nigeria on or before August 2020.”


The Inksnaiton Pinkoin ATM which is very sleek and tall in body structure has features similar to that of the Bitcoin ATM.

  1. The Pinkoin ATM has a large colour LCD screen display.
  2. A QR scanner which will scan the barcode on the Pinkard. The Pinkard is the first QR code cryptocurrency card in the world.
  3. A receipt printing section where all transaction receipts are printed from.
  4. A cash dispense area where members who are making withdrawals will receive their cash and as well make a deposit, for those who are purchasing the coins.

Inksnation Merchants Emerging Rapidly

In another developing story, Nigerians have started to adopt the native cryptocurrency massively with the introduction of the Inksnation merchant for those who wish to accept pinkoins as a legal tender. All Inksnaiton pinkoin merchants have the ability to exchange their coins directly from Inksnation without any transaction charge. This is to encourage them to accept the coin from Inksation members.

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A merchant is any individual or corporate entity engaged in the selling of goods or provision of services that IS WILLING TO ACCEPT PINKOIN as a legal tender.

They will accept Pinkoin from the members of the public and part with their goods or services.

They will be given direct access to Inknation to exchange their Pinkoin back to fiat money without charges to motivate them to continue to accept Pinkoin. They will also be given bonus Pinkoin in their DRCB to serve as motivation.

Their dashboard is totally different from that of Members who are end-users and Exchangers.


  1. You must be a member of Inksnation by Signing up and subscribing to any of the membership plans below

Living Node Bronze:- N1000
Living Node Silver:- N10,000
Living Node Gold:- N100,000
Living Node Diamond:- N1 Million
Dolphine InksNode:- N10 Million
Sharks InksNode:- N100 Million
Whale InksNode:- N1 Billion

NOTE: Cost of membership registration will triple from August 12, 2020

After successfully creating your account, contact exchanger Prince on Whatsapp +2348104441251 or call +2347038600732 for the activation of your membership account.

2.  After activation of your account Download, the Inksnation Pinkoin Merchant Application Form fill and submit to the exchanger or the state coordinators. See all state coordinators contacts

Some Inksnation Pinkoin Merchants


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