Inksnation Cancels Inksmart And Exchange Nationwide, To Resume 2021

Inksnation DAO Foundation has officially suspended their inksmart nationwide, alongside the exchange of Pinkoins for Naira. Both services will resume by May 2021 and will be done automatically on the Inksnation APP without the need for an exchanger (for exchange) or physical gathering (for inksmart).

This was made public in a communique yesterday made available by the founder and CEO, Mr. Sewanu Omotade-Sparks, who said the suspension of the inksmart was necessary due to security reasons which have also resulted to loss of life in Rivers State where a stamped occurred.

Mr. Omotade-Sparks went further to claim that some government officials were responsible for the crisis that occurred during the inksmart days by sponsoring hoodlums to cause chaos and the same hoodlums are waiting for the market to resume so they can continue with their nefarious plans.

Official Press Release

It is with unhappiness we are announcing that the Inksnaiton market (inksmart) has been officially canceled, any state that knows how to get the goods to the end-users should do that.

Why Inksnation Inksmart Was Canceled

The reasons are, some elements in the government one way or the other are using hoodlums to destroy our good intentions and they are just waiting for us to have another physical gathering to use it against us. We have gotten information to that extent.

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Also in some of the states, hoodlums broke into the warehouse and looted the goods meant to be exchanged at the inksmart venue.

I also want to use this medium to plead with every single member of Inksnaiton, a scammer will not come out in public because right from before we started, our faces have been in the public and that is not how a scammer works.

You might not understand where we are going but the truth is we have your success at heart, we have good intentions for you and we know what Pinkoin and blockchain can do for you, you just have to be patient because if we are scammers, we will not show our face.

Even now, nobody knows the owner of bitcoin. But before we started, we made ourselves public and even sent out letters to the government. All our accounts have been frozen by the EFCC since June 2020 and their intention most likely was to disrupt our plans but we did not complain to the masses.

The truth is that whether the devil likes it or not, Inksnation will stand and it will reach the four ends of the world. The only option now, which was the mistake we made is to reposition Inksnation for the rest of the world.

I desire a poverty-free Nigeria and the only thing I need from the masses is Patience. Inksmarket will go online just like Jumia and the likes. It will take some time and I plead with you because we are fighting your fight and I plead with you to bear with us.

Whether we operate from Nigeria or from abroad, we will use technology to change and transform Nigeria. Inksmart will go online and there are also other plans to reposition Inksnation. There are so many things we have achieved already abroad which I cannot put out to the public yet because of the enemies but end-users please bear with us and be patient.

If with all the heat and pressures we could come this far then it means we have good intentions and have you at heart. Just understand that we are using emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, AI, and the likes for the betterment of the human race.

Bear with us with us. With all our calculations, we shall be able to give you a hitch-free Pinkoin inksledger system from now to May 2021. Thank you

inksnation inksmart

Inksnation cancels Inksmart Nationwide

Recall that earlier last week, a stampede occurred in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State that led to the death of many members of inksnation who came to participate in the inksmart.


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