Inksnation Obtains New Fintech Company With Crypto Licence In Switzerland

InksNation, inventors of the World’s First Philanthropic Blockchain (InksLedger), and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO, under iBSmartify Nigeria, has just bought a Fintech Company in Zug, Switzerland.

This was made available in a press release by the Founder of the organization Amos Omotade-Spark.


Financial technology, also known as fintech, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient.

inksnation FinTech

Financial activities allowed on Inksnation Fintech:

  1. providing services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, issuance and managing the means of payment such as credit cards and traveler’s cheques
  2. Carrying out credit transactions (in particular in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing, or financial leasing)
  3. Trading in its own account or for the account of others in banknotes, coins, commodities
  4. Making investments as investment advisers
  5. Acting as the authorized escrow agent
  6. Holding securities on deposit.

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The Crypto activities allowed on Inksnation Fintech:

  1. Providing services of exchange virtual (crypto) currency against the fiat or another crypto and vice versa
  2. Providing crypto-collateralized loans
  3. Providing virtual wallet services (the license covers services when the wallet keys are created and held while the funds belong to user
  4. Legal rights to sell, trade and store digital assets WO (payment and utility tokens)
  5. ICO (payment and utility tokens)

By purchasing the fintech company, Inksnation will be working on integrating their payments with the Inksledger blockchain which will make the exchange of pinkoins to any fiat or digital currency easier for every living node.

“So we will see how we integrate it to our payment gateway and maybe MFB/Commercial Bank in Nigeria” Mr. Omotade-Sparks announced.

The Press Release

The House of Omotade-Sparks has successfully bought a Fintech Company with Crypto License in Zug, Switzerland more updates will come on this.

We are working on another one in Malta and will soon get that done.

We are also working on registering InksNation in India, living nodes yapa for there. China is a little tough.

The donations for the Microfinance will start Thursday please bear with us. We wanted to do our part first.


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