Inksnation CEO Reveals Charges Against Him By The EFCC

  •  I went to EFCC myself
  • There’s no complainant, in this case, EFCC only wants to collect money from me

Inksnation CEO Omotade-Sparks has disclosed that he was not apprehended by the EFCC as earlier publicized by the commission but rather, he submitted himself willingly.

A voice note which was made public by the Inksnation Boss revealed that he willingly went to the office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission where he was detained for 14 days before he was released on the 10th of June, 2021.

“On May 27th, I appeared at the EFCC Sokoto by myself and was held down, only writing statements upon statements. I was finally released on bail on June 10th.”

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Though the EFCC still has not released any information on what the charges leveled against him were, he, however, disclosed that he was accused of running a cryptocurrency without permission, collecting money from members without being a financial institution, and owning crypto ATMs without license or permission for it.

Here’s the full address made via voice note.

From June 10th to today I gave myself a break to meditate and confirm if God is no longer with me on this project but I found out it’s all part of the process, Jesus was persecuted by his people to help him achieve his mission, joseph was persecuted by his brothers to help him achieve his mission.

EFCC Charges Against Inksnation CEO

From N32 million now they want to collect all money in our account. In a case where there is no complainant, they said the case is based on intelligence and our crime is
1. Running a cryptocurrency without permission or license.
2. Collecting money from members without being a financial institution.
3. Owning crypto ATMs without license or permission for it.

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The big question is, is there a regulation and a license for blockchain in Nigeria, that I am not aware of? For those that don’t understand, this is what we have been facing since June 2020.

All our accounts were blocked since June 2020 and we didn’t mind we still achieved August-September 2020 exchange in the most favourable way we can, despite those accounts being blocked, we still achieved December 2020 inksmart, the little way we can.

The biggest weapon we need from the members is patience, your prayers and dog headedness. Inksnation is 1000% sure of its ability to end poverty in Nigeria and the world at large, all we need is freedom and ease of doing our work and calling.

We have been deprived of these and we are being frustrated for wishing to help the masses in our own little way.

It’s so painful that we want Nigeria to become the next financial world power and this is why we are proposing what we have to the government and the nation but the same country we are fighting for thinks we are fighting against her.

God still pass man no matter what man does and He will see us through.


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