How To Swap Zugacoin To Other Crypto With Ease

  • How to swap zugacoin has been a challenge to many ever since the process was launched and we intend to solve that in this article.

Zugacoin has somehow, to the amazement of many, maintained the lead in the global market in price and value, and can now be traded on the global market in exchange for Dollars now.

Zugacoin ERC20, which is the version stored in the Samzuga wallet is now swappable globally. The creator of the token, Samzuga announced that to kickoff the swap, they are starting with 50 Dollars daily to enable them to watch the activities of the market and avoid ugly past experiences.

You can swap any amount you want very soon. Just allow us to test run our platforms between now and the end of November 2021. ZUGACOIN has come to stay, we are not going anywhere, just relax, though we have landed, we are not yet at the parking lot he said.

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Ever since the announcement was made, a lot of people have been stranded as the organization is yet to provide a tutorial on how the process is carried out successfully thus, we had to try it and we have successfully tested the swap feature. The full detail of how to go about it is the content of this article.

What You Need To Know Before You Begin The Swap Process

Before you begin to swap your Zuzacoin, you should know the following information

  1. The Zugacoin in your samzuga wallet is the ERC20 version of the token.
  2. You can only swap $50 worth of Zugacoin every day.
  3. You will have to fund your ETH gas fee wallet with 0.009 Ethereum so as to cover the gas fee of the swapping process
  4. The USDT you are getting is on Tron network (TRX_USDT), so you will need to send it only to USDT TRC20 wallet.
  5. Sending out the USDT is completely free.

How To Fund Etheruem Fee Wallet In Samzuga Wallet

To successfully swap your Zugacoin to USDT, you need to have some Ethereum in your ETH fee wallet and the required amount is Eth0.009. At the time of this publication, Eth0.009 is worth 17,500 Naira. This price will vary across change platforms and also depending on the market price of Etherum.

How To Swap Zugacoin To Other Crypto With Ease 1

The following are the steps to fund your fee wallet.

  1. Login to your samzuga wallet on the web via the link DO NOT USE THE APP.
  2. From the menu on the left-hand side, click on FUND ETHEREUM FEE WALLET
  3. A page will open for you to fill in the amount of Etheruem you want to buy (as displayed in the image above). You can create a Remitano Account HERE if you don’t have one yet.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order. You can pay with any of the payment methods.

After funding your Ethereum fee wallet, you are now ready to swap your Zugacoin to USDT. Let’s dive in.

How To Swap Zugacoin To Other Cryptocurrencies

How To Swap Zugacoin To Other Cryptocurrencies

  1. LOGIN to your samzuga wallet
  2. Click on Swap from the menu button
  3. In the Amount Converted From, type 0.000125. The is the equivalent of $50. If you make a mistake, there will be an error message, it will also tell you the current rate (due to price fluctuations).
  4. The equivalent in USDT will display in the Amount Converted to panel.
  5. Click On SWAP.

Once the transaction is successful, your USDT will be deposited in your SWAP WALLET

How To Withdraw Zugacoin To Local Account


One of the major questions people ask is, “How can I withdraw to my local bank account”? The answer to that question is that it is not possible to withdraw your cryptocurrency directly to your local bank account, except for CBDCs.

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However, you can sell your coins to someone who needs it and take cash, or you can sell on an exchange and withdraw to your bank account and there are so many ways to do that. For Zugacoin, there’s only one platform for that now and that is Remitano.

Below is how to withdraw zugacoin to a local bank.

  1. Login to your Samzuga Wallet
  2. Click on WITHDRAW USDT (BETA)
  3. Input the amount you are withdrawing
  4. Input your USDT TRC20 wallet address from Remitano. You can create a Remitano Account HERE if you don’t have one yet.
  5. Click on WITHDRAW and your transaction will be processed.
  6. When you receive the USDT in your Remitano wallet, you can now sell to Naira and withdraw directly to your local bank automatically.


Don’t transfer Ethereum or USDT TRC20 from any external wallet to Samzuga wallet. If you do, you will lose your coin.

Don’t transfer your USDT TRC20 from Samzuga wallet to any external wallet, except Remitano. If you withdraw your USDT TRC20 from Samzuga wallet to any other external wallet apart from Remitano, you will lose your coin.

Don’t send your SZC ERC20 in any Samzuga wallet to any other external wallet and don’t send any SZC or SZCB from any external wallet to any Samzuga wallet; otherwise, you will kiss your coin goodbye.

Be warned! Samzuga wallet ecosystem is completely disconnected from any other external wallet, except that of Remitano.

How To Buy Zugacoin

To buy the original ERC20 Zugacoin, SZC, contact Royal Exchange on WhatsApp with this number +2348104441251. This is strictly for buying Zugacoin from Samzuga Wallet to Zamzuga Wallet.


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