How To Transfer Zugacoin To Samzuga Wallet

To transfer or send any crypto coin from one wallet to another e.g ERC 20 or TRC 20 wallets etc, transaction fees are required which are often paid by the user either with Ether in the case of ERC 20 wallets such as Trust Wallet, Mew Wallet, Metamask etc or Tron in the case of TRC 20 wallets etc.

The below guide provides a vivid explanation of how to move your Zugacoin from Trust Wallet or Mew Wallet to Samzuga Wallet. Ensure you have sufficient Ether in your Ethereum wallet to pay for Gas fees, e.g $2 to $15 average worth of Ethereum which is usually dependent on the gas station rate.

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However, if you do not have Ethereum or perhaps have no prior knowledge of how to acquire Ethereum, kindly follow the steps below to buy.

STEP ONE – How To Buy Etheruem

  1. Use Roqqu App to purchase Ethereum by creating account using the link
  2. You can Buy/Sell, Send/Receive listed crypto, Deposit & Withdraw Fiat here
  3. After creating your Roqqu Account, install the Roqqu App from Playstore.
  4. After downloading Roqqu App, login to your dashboard after confirmation of code sent to your email.
    Proceed to Upgrade Your Roqqu Account using your BVN by clicking on verification in Settings
  5. Proceed to Add Bank Account in the Settings Menu.
  6. After successful verification and update of Bank account in settings, proceed to click on Deposit/Withdraw option on dashboard, select *Deposit*, enter amount you wish to buy Ether, proceed to select Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer option, select recommended Providus Bank account and transfer a minimum of N5,000. Funds will be deposited after few minutes of transfer.
  7. Once funds have deposited on your dashboard in Roqqu, click on Buy/Sell, select Buy, select Ethereum (ETH) as digital asset you want to buy, continue & enter amount & approve transaction using your transaction pin. Purchased ETH will be deposited in your wallet immediately.

STEP TWO – How To Transfer Zugacoin

  1. To Fund Your Mew Wallet or Trust Wallet with ETH to use for Gas Fees, open your wallet, click on *Receive*, then copy the ETH deposit wallet address in your Trust Wallet or Mew Wallet, proceed to Roqqu App.
  2. In the Roqqu App, click on ETH, click on Send ETH, paste the wallet address you copied, enter amount and send your purchased ETH. It will be delivered to your Trust Wallet or Mew Wallet within 30 minutes(+/-).
  3. After you have received your Ethereum in the Mew Wallet or Trust Wallet, proceed to login to your Samzuga Wallet, then click on Deposit to copy your Samzuga Wallet.
  4. Proceed to Trust Wallet or Mew Wallet where you have your Zugacoin, click on Send, select Zugacoin, then enter the amount of Zugacoin you are sending, proceed and confirm the transaction.

You will then receive your Zugacoin in your Samzuga Wallet with a higher value within 30minutes(+/-).

Enjoy high discounted transaction fees for transactions with Samzuga Wallet & end-user security and data protection. For further technical support, email


Many people in our society don’t have financial literacy. Many don’t know about the Dollar, neither did they know how to convert dollar to Naira.

When we started ZUGACOIN distribution using Trust wallet, many were coming back to said that they have seen it but they didn’t understand. Because Trust wallet shows you only the number of zugacoin you have.

We shifted to Mew wallet that could show you the value of ZUGACOIN in dollars. Many started complaining that they want to know the value of what they have in Naira.

Here comes Samzuga wallet that can show you the number of ZUGACOIN you have, show you the value both in Dollars and in Naira.


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