How To Activate Samzuga Family Account Easily

Samzuga family worldwide is a unique platform for all members of the Samzuga foundation and this tutorial will help you learn how to register and activate your account after registration.

Samzuga Foundation also known as Samzuga Family is an international Non-Governmental Organization with headquarters in Abuja Nigeria.

The principal aim is to help members to achieve financial freedom and stability, reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, teaching them to leave together as a family, irrespective of race, color, religion, academic and financial status.

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Like one big family, we shall be helping each other to achieve our individual goals and cooperate goals. We believe that taking collective responsibilities will enable us to achieve faster.

How To Register On Samzuga Family Worldwide

  • Log on to the Samzuga family worldwide website.
  • Fill in the required details
  • Go to your email address and confirm your registration.

How To Activate Samzuga Family Worldwide Account

unactivated samzuga family dashboard

After registering with Samzuga Family worldwide, you are expected to activate your account by making a minimum donation of two hundred Naira only, this however can be increased to any amount you (the member/donor) wish to.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on activate membership from the menu option or scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Once the donation portal opens, you can decide to pay higher by editing the amount to what you want to donate or just leave the default 200 there.How To Activate Samzuga Family Account Easily 1
  4. Select Direct Bank Transfer in the payment processor option.
  5. Click on Proceed Payment
  6. Confirm your details on the confirmation page and click on Pay For orderHow To Activate Samzuga Family Account Easily 2
  7. Copy the bank details displayed on your screen and make your payment into the account. Remember to Copy out your Order ID.

When making your transfer with your bank app, use your order ID as your payment description. Don’t include anything else. If you decide to make payment in the bank through cash deposit, use the order ID as the depositor’s name.

After payment, it will take seven working days for your account to be activated it is not an automatic process.

Benefits Of Joining Samzuga Family

With a minimum donation of two hundred Naira (N200) which is less than $1 (One dollar) can give you a primary membership registration, membership registration can be upgraded at any other level at any given time, depending on the interest of the member, as we have other membership registration packages based on request.

Members can have access to many benefits including Free Medical Treatment, free solar, and renewable energy training, scholarships, affordable housing, and mobility schemes.

How To Buy Zugacoin

To buy Zugacoin, contact Royal Exchange on WhatsApp at this number +2348104441251.

How To Trade Zugacoin

There is currently a training class going on for Zugacoin. In this training class, you will learn all the practical steps on how you can trade Zugacoin, SZCB on any exchange of your choice and earn profits. The knowledge you’ll get from this class can also be used in trading any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

Simply click on ZUGACOIN TRAINING, follow the instructions, and make a one-time payment. Once successful, you will automatically be added to the platform.

If you encounter any challenges, contact us on WhatsApp +2348104441251


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