Before I start, do you know that sachet water, yes ordinary PURE WATER was once banned in RSU??? YES IT WAS BANNED. You can Google it. We the Gistmeust team restored it.

This morning I came across a post made by Rsu Hostel B Boy, it read “#RSU_FACT
Do you know?
That this guy was the first blogger in RSU?

He’s a graduate now. He was the pioneer of the popular website called GistMeUst those days.

#Forget !!! I’m ancient of days in RSU O🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶😂”

The comments I read on the thread show that people don’t forget history.

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Just a brief history:
Gistmeust was founded in the year 2014 by the names mentioned below.

The above post reminds me of how a physicist like myself, engineers like Kalada Pepple, Adeshina Olawale, Erasmus, Eke Flora and an educationist, Nwogu Celestine Godgift turned journalists overnight. The only communicator we had was Comr Bright Sodienye Peterside. We left classes sorting for news. We abandoned night classes converting statements to real news.

As reporters who believe in factual and credible news, we were countless times cautioned, threatened. The more they did, the more we were resolved.

I could still remember, at about 1am that night, “Is this gistmeust?” She asked. Yes! I responded. “There are thieves in our hostel (NDDC), can you guys please come along with the man o war team? Please we’re all locked up in our rooms and we can’t go out. Some girls have been attacked already”

We grew and the mass communication department felt they were cheated. They renovated the then radio ust (now excel fm).

After all, none acknowledged nor awarded us for the difference and impact we created.

Our achievements; just to name a few:

1.The Gistmeust platform helped achieve the adoption of the popular SUG online voting system the school is using today.

2. The Gistmeust team lead a protest against the campus Man O War when the then SUG president and his director of transport were beaten and humiliated. This humiliation and corporal drilling of students by their fellow students were among what we fought for. All that changed after the protest. But the hatred grew.

3. We helped some artistes on campus promote their songs for free. Makeup artiste like Imo Perfect was used as our face of ecampusmarket (another platform we built). Also, the then Mr and Mrs UST were granted free interviews. We helped in promoting them on social media with our own funds.

4. We helped urge the then SUG to reduce the transport fare to #40, when the price was hiked from #30 to #50 by the commuters.

5. We rejuvenated entrepreneurial consciousness among students. We made students to realize that school is not the only option. You can be in school and still do something else.

6. We helped removed a one time SUG leader who made away with money made for year one reception.

Gistmeust started all that’s happening on campus today.

Lemme just add this; Sir Isaac Zeb-obipi, your immense support helped propelled us. I will never forget your words “let your news be factual”


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