FG-ASUU Conundrum: The Obvious or Oblivious of Educational Bankruptcy

“The future will soon arrive when I will watch my children threading the path of success” a friend has fondly said.

As if the kerfuffle formed around our world doesn’t reach him, I, however, saw him woke up from his slumber, reminding him of what should be our discussion preference_ “don’t you see how destiny is being delayed with series of ASUU Strikes? Does the government has us at heart at all?” I queried. From his myopic view, he blamed ASUU, saying “government can not do everything, ASUU should see reasons with the government and admit the reality of the situation”.

“What reality! The reality that nobody can proudly send their children to public primary and secondary schools again, as a result of bastardization they have rendered our basic educational system?” There seemed to be a long pause as if a dirge has just been sung and people are taken to the imaginary world.

Prior to this sick era of “Pocket feeding”, education has been a priority for the betterment and makeover of any nation, Nigeria inclusive_ The ruling class can testify to this fact. Until it comes to the era of yesterday’s free education beneficiaries to energize education and prepare the youths against future crises; things started falling backward. What a nation saturated with a fictitious narrative.

With the monstrous tactics of some greedy and selfish individuals who again are government machinery to drastically deform Nigeria to an educational desert, the future seems not to reserve promising days for the average Nigerian youths.
Though, privatization of our educational system has always been a plan of these personalities. They’ve succeeded in commercializing both primary and secondary educational system, thereby making them inferior to private schools.

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Hitherto, public schools have played a giant role in providing good educational standard to average Nigerians, even to these ungrateful cowards.
After the collapse of public primary and secondary schools as the result of the menace done to them, they relent not in finding ways to jeopardize public higher institutions, which the prestigious and advocating ASUU has been frowning at.

Is ASUU Right?

Indeed this ongoing industrial action is saddled with the aim of ensuring better hope for coming generations.
It’s also distressful that most Nigerian students and parents don’t understand the plights of ASUU while tagging them to be money mongers, not knowing that if government’s plan to commercialize education prevails, life will seem more difficult and more frustrating for the average persons as well as the coming generation.

Not surprising, a better future for the youths isn’t a priority for the Nigeria government, rather what they preserve for us is bitter torture. As they’ve set to make life a living hell for upcoming generations through their evil plan to establish education bank where students take loans and refund later in the future career.

How will they refund the money amidst the ill state of employment in our territory? What of those living by petty empowerment programs such as N-Power, how would they meet up with their needs? Let alone refunding a huge sum of money borrowed in the name of tuition fees. the government should have pity on Nigeria citizens

It is high time the government takes into cognizant that their failure to provide education to the citizens, has caused insecurity in the nation, specifically the northern region. Had they been provided education alongside an educational mind surgery, how easy could they be brainwashed to decline their lineage killed their parents and affiliates?

The failure and lightheartedness posed by the Nigerian government towards providing the needs of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), to a greater degree show how the government gives no regard to the development and transformation of this crippled nation. The future of the youth is being toyed with, as the federal government strictly speaks in a non-sympathetic language.
Nigeria by the elite has been structured in such a way that the masses who gathered in numbers to vote them to power suffer series of irregularities.

We urge the government to stop toying with our education and respond to our cries. Regardless of any circumstances, education remains the most valuable factor that ensures the development of any entity.
Don’t keep promising, do the needful to ensure progress in the educational sector, this goes a long way in determining Nigeria’s victory.

If you deny the agreements because they were not made by your administration, then why is the government referred to as a continuous process? Why do you consolidate and continue the projects of the previous administrations? Have a rethink!


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