Devicoin (DVK) Burn-Mining Event Will Happen July 23

Devicoin (DVK) is the native token of Devikins, a mobile turn-based role-playing game (RPG) being developed by Canadian gaming studio Moonlabs. Devikins mixes combat with character breeding, all of it fueled by the DVK token, a currency used in lieu of non-valued game currency.

Klever Labs has announced that they will host the first KLV burn-mining for an NFT game project, Devikins, and their native token Devicoin (DVK).

The DVK burn-mining event will transpire over the course of 24 hours on July 23 at a rate of 20:1 (DVK:KLV).

Devicoin (DVK) Burn-Mining Event Will Happen July 23 1

What Is DVK?

DVK is a cryptocurrency that can be traded and withdrawn in the real world, earned by playing Devikins, a mobile RPG game releasing later this year.

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Each character in the game is represented by a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the blockchain, and backed up by DVK itself, the utility token used as the main currency of Devikins and although a game currency with real-world value. There will be an online marketplace to buy and sell Devikins NFT.

A Devikin NFT character gets several features to highlight their uniqueness in the real world, translating as mechanics in the game. For more details, click here:

Devikins also involves a breeding system that allows users to create stronger characters. Users have the potential of earning real money while having fun playing a video game, With gameplay based on a classic JRPG combat system with its own unique twist.

SEE Devikins WhitePaper

DVK Burn-Mining Rules

  1. There will be a maximum hard cap of 20 million KLV that can be burned to mine 400 million DVK during the event that will last for 24 hours, at a rate of 20 DVK to 1 KLV.
  2. KLV holders will have to actively burn their KLV through a smart contract on the Klever Labs page. (Any KLV burned outside of Klever Labs will not be counted.)
  3. The minimum amount to mine DVK is 1,000 KLV.
  4. The maximum amount to mine DVK is 200,000 KLV.
  5. The event will be held for 24 hours starting on July 23.
  6. The burn-mining will be closed as soon as the hard cap of 20M KLV burned is reached.
  7. 400M DVK to be distributed among the pool.
  8. A fixed ratio of 20:1 (DVK: KLV).
  9. Successful miners will be considered early adopters:
  • They will be eligible for early adopter benefits depicted in the Devikins Whitepaper.
  • Entry to a Devikin Statue giveaway, hand painted by the MoonLabs CEO.
  • Any successful miner will get an entry to the giveaway.
  • Extra entries will be awarded for every 10k KLV burned.
  • Airdrop of a Devikin NFT (at a later point) with the exclusive Miner personality.
  • Users who burned the mining cap (200K KLV) will receive an extra NFT airdrop with a unique Lavish personality.
  1. Devicoin distribution will occur on July 29.
  2. Exchange Addresses are not eligible for the mining, so make sure to use Klever Wallet App when conducting the burn of your KVL in order to properly mine DVK. (Users who use an exchange address will not be refunded KLV nor DVK).

devicoin roadmap

Devicoin DVK Airdrop to KFI & KLV Stakers

Since DVK is a project accelerated by Klever Labs, an airdrop of a total of 100M DVK will be conducted to KFI and KLV holders on August 2.

In order to be eligible for the DVK airdrop, KFI holders will need to stake their KFI (The staking option for KFI will be activated prior to August 2 airdrop), and KLV holders will need to stake at least 1k KLV.

A snapshot will be taken on July 28 to ensure eligibility among both KFI and KLV addresses.

  • 75M DVK will be shared proportionally among KFI holders who are staking KFI with at least 1 KFI in staking balance.
  • 25M DVK will be shared proportionally among KLV holders with at least 1k KLV in staking balance.


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