Cristiano Ronaldo Hasn’t Spoken To Sergio Ramos In Two Years

Cristiano Ronaldo Hasn’t Spoken To Sergio Ramos In Two Years


Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos hasn’t seen or spoken to each other since 2018 due to a falling out over the Ballan d’or.

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, the pair who should face each other when Spain play Portugal tonight have not kept in contact since Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juvenus in 2018.


Despite leaving, he still had respect of captain Ramos and the Real Madrid dressing room. However things reportedly grow frosty due to Cristiano Ronaldo reaction to Luka Modric winning the Ballan d’or in 2018, beating the Portuguese five-time winner in the process.

At the time, Ronaldo told the Italian Media ” of course I am disappointed on the pitch I have done everything to win the Ballon d’or, numbers do not lie. But I’m no less happy if I do not win, I have wonderful friends and a family I play in one of the best club.


Congratulation to Modric, who has earned the award, but next year we will meet again and I will do everything to win the price again. Do you think I’m going home to cry?”


But given the fact the two players we are teammates for six Seasons, sharing such wonderful success on the pitch together, perhaps some at Real Madrid felt Ronaldo should have more publicly happy for the Croatian playmaker.

This according to Marca is behind the “colder relationship” Ronaldo now shares with Ramos and the rest of the Real Madrid dressing room. The exception of the rule is reportedly Marcelo, the Brazilian full-back who still enjoys a great relationship with Ronaldo.


Ronaldo did attend the last el clasico at the Bernabeu in March 2020 in a 2-0 win over Barcelona, but arrived just before kick-off and left a few minutes before full-time so did not meet any of his former teammates.



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