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HIdden Betrayal – Episode 14

The bride and chief were set before half past nine o’clock. We waited patiently for the car to arrive that would take us to church, just a fifteen minute drive from the hotel. We hadn’t spoken much since the last conversation. I didn’t know what to feel towards Vera or what Vera was feeling towards […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 13

Saturday morning and in a matter of hours Vera would be married to Desmond and her status would change. She was so excited so much that she woke me up as early as 05:00 in the morning. Before 07:00, the makeover crew would arrive for their art so we had to shower and get ready […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 12

Wedding plans for Vera and Desmond kicked off and guess who would be the chief bride’s maid- your guess is as good as mine. We went shopping and bought all the things for the wedding. Everything was expensive but Desmond didn’t budge, he gave us money so liberally I was wondering if it were just […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 11

How could we have known the night held more surprises? If I had known, I would have avoided the outing. All the same, it was awesome nevertheless. Desmond had other plans which we never saw coming. Just after the meal, he asked us to come spend some time with him at the roof top of […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 10

Did I say Collins fell in love with me after that night? Well, we started a serious relationship with every effort to keep Vera out of it. She never knew it was Collins I was dating. I had to show her an imaginary picture, or rather a random picture I took from the internet as […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 9

I hadn’t picked Vera’s calls and hardly replied her chats so she was worried and simply irritated by my actions. I didn’t want to give out my location in anyway whatsoever. I would be leaving Lagos in a bit and back so I had to plan what I’d tell her. Vera’s instincts scared me, perhaps […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 8

He tasted of the sweet oranges. The kiss was deepened with every motion of our tongues. He pressed me against himself, making my boobs rub against his chest and against my silk gown.The feeling was sensational, especially as he rubbed against my firm buttocks since my gown had already slid high up from the ruffling […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 7

Sorry for not having published new episodes for a while now, I guess we all know why. Episode 7I dished and served the rice and goat meat pepper soup on the dining table. He was waiting already, absent minded watching the TV. The silence was scary and made the room quite uneasy. But the aroma […]

Hidden Betrayal – Episode 6

After unpacking my things I sat on the large bed and took in a deep breath. I was going to take my time and act meticulously, even in my dressing. At this thought I sprang from the bed and went to work. I selected the preferred outfit for this stroll. A pink bum short and […]

Hidden Betrayal Episode 5

After a long drive, I broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that provoked a twisted smile on Collins.‘So how have you been? I asked Collins…Vvery well dear…. He replied.We talked about so many things and laughed about them.‘eeehm, I don’t have anything at home, so we would just branch in a fast food and […]

Hidden Betrayal Episode 4

I started chatting with Collins… Even though he didn’t know I was the one.I took it step by step….We graduated into calling each other. I never saved his phone number for fear of getting caught by Vera.Yet, Collins hasn’t yet started calling Vera nor picking her calls.She had to move on.The heart break was so […]

Hidden Betrayal Episode 3

I entered the supermarket…after picking my stuffs; I went to the female attendant and asked her about Desmond. As they say, curiosity killed the cat. She told me that Desmond is a graduate but became a driver for a very rich family as there are no job opportunities coming forth yet. Hian! Ok….. I thanked […]

Hidden Betrayal Episode 2

We got close to Collins car, we were smiling. Wow, he is even more cute in reality than his pictures! His lips are…. OmG… I started falling for Collins in my heart… I wished he was mine. Vera greeted him and gave him a peck on his cheeks. Here’s my friend, Fifi, Vera said to Collins holding my […]

Hidden Betrayal Episode 1

I got admission into the University to study pharmacy.I had to stay off camp cos I wasn’t used to saying with lots of people in the same room…Though, the cost of a room off campus is so expensive, I needed someone who I can share with, so we would split the rent.I found someone, Vera. […]