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LoanTech: How To Earn 3% Daily On Investment


LoanTech’s platform enables you to receive 3% Daily returns indefinitely with the possibility to withdraw up to 34% from the loan principal. The option to ask for any portion or all of the 34% loan principal will be unlocked on the 22nd day for each loan placed. This ensures high enough reward with fairly low […]

How To Become Inksnation Pinkoin Agent, Earn Big

inksnation pinkoin agent

Inksnation Pinkoin Agent To earn 20% Commission With Inksnation recently clocking three million members (3,000,000) as confirmed on the Inksnation Explorer and the closure of its exchanger application portal, the fast-growing cryptocurrency company has now made it possible for those who could not become exchangers to become Inksnation Pinkoin agents and partner with exchangers around […]

Fortron – How To Earn Trons Through Smart Contract

Fortron smart contract

What Is FORTRON? FORTRON is a decentralized matrix program designed with TRON smart contract technology. Its fully decentralized and admin-less model offers a great deal of technology-backed credibility and transparency by making sure our money is safe and secure without any human control and thus completely eliminating the possibility of the entire program being shut […]

Pinkoin Wallet, Understanding How It Works

exchanger's pinkoin wallet

The pinkoin wallet is the blockchain wallet used in storing pinkoins, a cryptocurrency from IbSmartify aka Inksnation. Every fully registered member of Inksnation has about four(4) different wallets based on their category, either the end-user, merchants, or exchangers. However, these four wallets are linked together and the user has only one (1) unique wallet address. […]

3 New Inksnation Membership Plans Introduced

inksnation membership plans inksbank

Three more Inksnation membership plans have been added to the existing subscription plans by Inksnation, the owners of Pinkoin Digital Cryptocurrency. The existing Inksnation membership plans which include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond has just been extended to Dolphine, Sharks, and Whale. Advertisements

Glo To Partner With Inksnation

glo partners with inksnation on pinkoin

The CEO and founder of IBSMARTIFY aka Inksnation, Omotade Spark in a meeting with members of the Inksnation community on Tuesday evening, hinted that the cryptocurrency company is now partnering with corporate bodies, and one of such partnerships is with Glo Nigeria. Advertisements

FAQs About Pinkoin

pinkoin registration packages

This post tries to cover a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Pinkoins cryptocurrency from inksnation. As the world is going cashless, with this era of stay at home and COVID-19 pandemic, the world as changed in the way things and done and it can’t be reverted. Advertisements