BREAKING: Lagos Policemen block Ojuelegba road, point guns at motorists

Breaking: Lagos Policemen block ojuelegba road, points guns at motorist


Nigeria Police officers have caused gridlock at Ojuelegba in Lagos.

BREAKING: Lagos Policemen block Ojuelegba road, point guns at motorists 1

Eyewitnesses told Tori4town at 9:00 am that more than six policemen blocked the road with their vehicle.



They are stationed close to the barracks, stooping traffic flow inward Yaba.


Commuters are apprehensive as the officers took positions with their guns.


The reason for their action is not yet determined. No emergency situation was publicly reported earlier.



“We don’t know why they are standing like that but I didn’t see anything bad happening while coming from Yaba”, said a witness on the other side of the road.


“Some are scared because they pointed guns at people. They crossed the road with their vehicle and are not saying anything.”


Another eye witness corroborated the information.



A Twitter user, @Omo19910, warned citizens to avoid that axis.


“If you are going towards Ojuelegba, stadium as if you are going to Mushin or Oshodi, don’t pass there, the police station there just blocked the road.


“Every one of them came out with guns and crossed their vehicle on the road. Crazy traffic that side”, the tweet read.


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