How To Buy Bauble NFT Finance Token

Bauble NFT is the first fundraising platform on #BSC for crypto projects. $BAB is a community-driven token utilizing NFTs from various artists & opening revenue for all listed crypto projects on Bauble Marketplace.

You should really look into this one as the #NFT market is sure to grow in the coming weeks and months. ETA is 3-5months for the Beta release. So best BSC project for long-term holding.

About Bauble NFT token ($BAB)

Bauble NFT token ($BAB) is a community-driven, fundraising token using NFTs from various artists & opening revenue for all listed crypto projects. Bauble NFT will bring artists, projects to grow together & serve a greater purpose.

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Healthy dip management

Because of rising scams & the highly volatile crypto market, we have taken great steps to ensure dip management, prevent hard dumps.

Initial investors accumulating private sale tokens & presale are capped at 0.5 BNB buy limit per wallet.
The smart contract has been coded as in to facilitate a maximum of 2million tokens per transaction.

$BAB Tax System

10% is the total per transaction including all buy, sell, and transfers subject to where it is being traded at. It is subjected to change after the Central exchange listing. This tax division has been well evaluated with experienced team members for a strong foundation for BAB NFT project.

  1. 4% is automatically & proportionately distributed among every $BAB holder in their wallets.
  2. 4% is automatically transferred to the liquidity pool, initially to PCS.
  3. 1% goes towards team wallet for marketplace development, employee payouts, and for Bauble treasury.
  4. 1% goes towards Bauble token & marketplace marketing.

Problem Solving & Real use case

NFTs are trendy and have much greater utilization than just selling, minting. NFTs by definition, are tokens themselves and hold great value. The way the blockchain industry is making the world a better place, NFTs can do the same by getting utilized for various real-life & crypto advancements.

Among various utilizations, one is being used as a blockchain product on Binance Smart Chain for being placed in a setting, wherein, once sold, results in fundraising, while still rewarding the artist. NFTs become a commodity here that can be used by everyone in the blockchain industry to raise funds for any cryptocurrency project, including those on different blockchains, like Binance, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, etc

Future of Bauble NFT

  1. Roadmap for 2021 Q2 & Q3 has been released. Subject to developments in blockchain and NFT industry plans for Q4 and 2022 Q1 will be released.
  2. CEX listings will be worked on with platforms like Wazir X, Binance, etc.
  3. After 1Billion market cap, there is a possibility of a registered company under Bauble NFT.
  4. To supplement the growth of BAB tokens & financially reward the holders, BAB tokens may find a way into being used as a payment method on the Bauble NFT marketplace.
  5. Auction to integrate more payment methods on the marketplace.


A FULLY doxxed Core team
95% LP lock for 3years with DxLocker
Max 2mn tokens per transaction limit (to avoid hard dumps)
Team and market wallets hold tokens for project funding- 6days old
– Haven’t hit the market yet. Hidden
– Price at a heavy discount aftermarket drop but performed very well during these tough days
– Only 1m MCAP
– Team always active in TG group

How To Buy Bauble NFT

You can buy BAB NFT toke from Pancake Swap

Bauble Telegram Link =

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and TORI4TOWN will not be responsible for losses incurred from investing in this project. Trade Wisely.

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